Darryl Morris

Host of the national Evening Show, talker, writer, commentator, ginger

Darryl Morris is a 25 year old broadcaster and writer and host of The Evening Show across 9 radio stations in the UK, weeknights from 7pm-10pm with big star guests and fresh new music.

His broadcasting career started young, very young, and his credits include shows on XFM, Capital FM and the BBC before joining The Hits Radio and Key 103 in January 2012. TV credits include Sky News, CBBC's Newsround and he was the face of Chicago Town Pizza's TV adverts.

Darryl is ginger and a suffering Bolton Wanderers fan. He lives in Manchester and has a dog named Daphne.

Find Darryl on Twitter - @DarrylMorris and online at www.darrylmorris.co.uk

Your Anti-Northern Prejudice Is Literally Killing Us

In the first crushing blows of the government's austerity agenda, northern cities and boroughs were losing £150 to £200 per head in 2011, while in the south-east, the West Country and the Midlands, the cuts ranged from £50 to zero.
20/08/2017 21:08 BST

The Manchester Attack, One Month On

The scene set around me, as the emergency services seemed to fall from the sky. Shrapnel wounds, groups huddled together, fathers comforting mothers, comforting children. I made my way through the city, now laced with armed officers, uncertainty ricocheting through the streets and returned to our studios for a night of rolling news. The show no presenter ever wants to host.
22/06/2017 15:55 BST

An Open Letter to a Generation I Once Admired

Look around you. Look at the poison you have created and ask yourself, what are you leaving me? This is your legacy and, regardless of Thursday's result, my generation may well spend the rest of our lives cleaning up.
20/06/2016 15:32 BST

It's Our Future and It's Time to Own It

The future is a funny old thing. That word has been thrown around so often during the tiresome back and forth of this campaign that it's lost all meaning, blending into the dull humming noise that the election has become.
15/04/2015 11:47 BST

Emily Thornberry Made a Mistake... But She Wasn't Completely Wrong

Emily Thornberry was wrong in her assumption, but she wasn't alone and it wasn't without foundation. Patriotism has been hijacked. Right wing movements like the English Defence League and Britain First use patriotism and the flag of St. George as a guise for their racism, and it's time to claim it back.
23/11/2014 18:44 GMT

Vive - It's Chatroulette Without the Willies

That's how Vive was described to me by a friend last week and immediately it caught my interest; because I like the concept of Chatroulette, to video chat with a random selection of people, but I'm not particularly keen on hairy men's willies.
27/10/2014 17:43 GMT

Thank you, Rik

"You didn't know him. I hate this; when people get upset about somebody they didn't know", I didn't argue. I couldn't really hear what my friend was saying above the sound of my heart beating. I'd agree with him, usually. It's hard to understand how you could feel such grief for somebody you'd never known... and yet I did.
18/06/2014 17:47 BST

The Risk of an All-Female Line Up

The BBC's head of entertainment Danny Cohen insisted that he will put an end to all-male comedy panel shows, but I'm not entirely convinced its for the right reasons. Will the booking of more female panelists be seen as an honest recognition of the person's ability or simply an attempt to appease a growing movement?
06/04/2014 15:35 BST

Victoria Beckham Is Leading a Revolution

Professional thin person Victoria Beckham has revealed some of her 'keep fit' regime... thank God! Vic told Allure magazine that she wakes up every day at 6am and takes a four-mile run. That's right... she's one of those sorts! Of course she is, as if there were any doubt.
04/03/2014 15:13 GMT