Dave Cohen

Comedian, writer, typist

Comedian, Perrier nominee in a previous century, founder member of the Comedy Store Players - in the 1980s Dave Cohen was an averagely successful stand-up comedian. Hey, let's not be over-modest here - Britain's Most Averagely Successful stand-up comedian. In recent years he has become known as a comedy writer, having written for Have I Got News For You and Not Going Out, and as a comic songwriter, co-creating the Radio 4 hit 15 Minute Musical and writing loads of songs for the hit BBC Childrens' Show Horrible Histories. Recently he created the UK's first ever daily topical comedy show: 'Britain's Got People'.
Wannabe Comedians? If You're Planning to Go to

Wannabe Comedians? If You're Planning to Go to Edinburgh...

If you're starting out in comedy as a writer or performer, and you've never been to the Edinburgh Fringe, I have one piece of advice. It's the only piece of advice I can guarantee is absolutely correct, and it's the one piece you'll ignore, which is this: Forget Edinburgh.
13/03/2013 17:36 GMT
A Beginner's Guide to the Israel-Palestine

A Beginner's Guide to the Israel-Palestine Conflict

What this conflict lacks is a politician on either side (or both) who can see that violence serves only to perpetuate more violence. The massive wall across the length of Israel's border did stop the suicide bombings, but unless the Israelis can build it 30,000 feet high it's not going to stop the shells landing in Ashkelon. (If there are any Israeli Ministers reading this by the way, that's a joke, please don't try it.)
21/11/2012 13:02 GMT
What Are You

What Are You Leaping?

So, what will you do on 29 February? Radio 4 are asking listeners to come up with something a little special to do on the day that happens only once every four years.
27/02/2012 22:00 GMT
Okay I Admit It - I Am

Okay I Admit It - I Am Prejudiced

I do enjoy writing these pieces and am truly grateful for your feedback. And I'm overwhelmed by the millions of you who choose, week in week out, to ignore my incisive, some may say unique combination of political analysis and knob gags.
10/02/2012 15:09 GMT
David Cameron - Britain's First Socialist Prime

David Cameron - Britain's First Socialist Prime Minister

Intelligent speeches as Leader of the Opposition are one thing, and Cameron's are clearly not worth the Samantha Cameron Smythson stationery they're scrawled on. But these days he is quite possibly as near as he will ever be to being in a position to do something. For now, just this once, I'm backing him.
27/01/2012 13:06 GMT
Oops, Ed's Gaffed Again... You Mean He Meant to Say

Oops, Ed's Gaffed Again... You Mean He <em>Meant</em> to Say That?

I really want to like Ed Miliband. You have to admire anyone who applies for a job knowing that one of the perks is to be lambasted and attacked very personally day in, day out by five national newspapers for being the spawn of Satan, and that's just when things aren't going your way. Start to score points against the coalition and they really turn on you.
19/01/2012 22:16 GMT
Are We Not Men? We Are Devo

Are We Not Men? We Are Devo Max

When Alex Salmond criticises David Cameron for interfering in Scottish affairs, he fails to understand the English nation and our legislative procedures. We English have a long, proud history of interfering in the affairs of countries over whom we have no mandate. That's how we've always done things.
12/01/2012 16:24 GMT
Happy New Year - A Message From The Labour

Happy New Year - A Message From The Labour Leader

Greetings earthlings. Well I must say 2012 has got off to a splendid start. Not so long ago I had to introduce myself to everybody thus: "No, not him, the other Miliband. Ed. No, not him, the other Ed."
06/01/2012 17:08 GMT
The Year in Rhyme Part

The Year in Rhyme Part Two

I'm using Christmas downtime, hope it's not perverse, to look back at the last year, entirely in rhyme.
28/12/2011 22:16 GMT
Maggie Maggie Movie Out Out

Maggie Maggie Movie Out Out Out

As the nation awaits next month's Hollywood version of her life, it gives us another chance to re-write that obituary which has been lying on every editor's desk since 22 November 1990, when the chorus 'Maggie Maggie Maggie, Out Out Out' was sung not by a bunch of pinko anarchists, but her best mates in the cabinet.
11/12/2011 23:19 GMT