David Browne

Final-year Law Student

David Browne is a final-year Law student at Merton College, Oxford

A Foreign Policy Unfit For The Fringes

That every indication suggests Corbyn's leadership team would not continue it in the face of another Gadaffi, or the ticking time-bomb of the plight of Burma's Rohingya Muslim population, renders them unfit for office.
07/06/2017 11:57 BST

The Wages Of Non-Interventionism

Ultimately, it's still too early to tell whether Donald Trump's policy shift will have the desired effect, and the Syrian war may finally come to an end with a transfer of power of some sort. What we can see, however, are the wages of non-interventionism: chemical weapons; barrel bombs; and the rise of extremist groups.
10/04/2017 11:58 BST

President-Elect Trump: Unexpected, But Unsurprising

If Trump can break the flimsy gate to which the intolerant "tolerant" have appointed themselves guardians, then it's only a matter of time before others who they consider even worse also manage to.
10/11/2016 12:52 GMT

The Real Labour Coup Is Its Transformation Into a Cult

When Momentum and the hardcore Corbynistas complain of a "Labour coup", they should not be looking towards the MPs trying to save their part from electoral oblivion to find the plotters; they need only look in a mirror.
11/08/2016 17:16 BST

Oxford Quotas: A Lazy 'Solution' to Deep-Seated Problems

Quotas will do nothing to solve this problem; what is needed is a culture which does not put media circulation (which is easy to increase by fuelling confirmation biases) ahead of the very people in whose interests those attacking Oxbridge claim to act. However, such cultural shifts are far harder to achieve than the arbitrary imposition of a quota - an option which may be easy but is most certainly not right.
19/05/2016 10:32 BST

The Ugly Self-Actualisation of the NUS

It should now be clearer than ever that the NUS has very little intention of taking the responsibilities that would come with being "the definitive national voice in students" - whether through the candidates it elects to speak on behalf of all students...
22/04/2016 12:23 BST

University Campuses Do Not Belong to the Activist Left

Any critic of the student activist left will be more than familiar with what can only be described as the clear distortion of the ordinary meaning of certain words, a distortion which does not appear to be accidental
10/03/2016 15:54 GMT

One Year Since Charlie Hebdo, There Remain Many Assassins Court Toujours

While we certainly cannot ignore the influence of religious fundamentalism worldwide in suppressing freedom of expression, I would submit that the future of free speech in Britain will depend rather on the willingness of those who believe in free speech to stand against criminalising offensive speech for its own sake...
11/01/2016 14:33 GMT