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David Emm

Senior Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab

David Emm holds the position of Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab, a provider of security and threat management solutions. He has been with Kaspersky Lab since 2004 and worked in the antivirus industry since 1990 in a variety of roles, including that of Senior Technology Consultant with Dr. Solomon’s and Systems Engineer and Product Manager at Network Associates.

David has a strong interest in malware, ID theft and the security industry in general and developed the company’s Malware Defence Workshop. He is a knowledgeable advisor on all aspects of online security, and a regular presenter at exhibitions and events, frequently providing comment to both broadcast and print media on the latest security threats and how users can stay safe online.

From Crypto-currency To Cybercrime: Following The Money Trail

Crypto-currency is becoming part of our daily lives - actively spreading around the world, becoming more available for ordinary people, and thus a more appealing target for criminals. Anyone considering crypto-currency investments should think about protecting their computer carefully: the CryptoShuffler Trojan is not the only malware hunting down crypto-currency savings.
07/11/2017 16:20 GMT

Cybercriminals Are Using Big Name Apps To Target Unwitting Consumers

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to lure us into doing things that give them access to our online identity. The past month has been no different, with crooks targeting two popular applications in an attempt to target personal details: Facebook and Uber. While they are among the most trusted applications we use, when using them we need to be as vigilant as ever to the threat from potential scams.
18/09/2017 16:00 BST

Using Our Bodies As ID: Should We Be Worried?

Biometric markers are ideal for use as identifiers because they are unique and unchanging over time. But that also makes them very vulnerable. If these identifiers are compromised, the potential consequences for victims in terms of loss of privacy and security are severe. If my password is compromised I can change it, but I'm stuck with my fingerprints, eyes and other physical characteristics.
02/06/2017 17:00 BST

Stand And Deliver: Your Money Or Your Files!

In the eighteenth century, travellers could be waylaid by a highwayman - a thief who held up coaches on the public highway and demanded that those on board hand over their money and other valuables. The highwayman would typically issue the challenge - 'Stand and deliver: your money or your life!
10/04/2017 14:41 BST

How To Ensure The Internet Is Your Family's Friend... Not An Enemy

With online threats varying from personal data collected on devices to grooming on gaming platforms and trolling in social media forums, one in five children (21%) admit they worry that a stranger may bully them and 18% worry that a stranger might ask them to do something illegal.
15/03/2017 16:35 GMT

2017: The Year To Resist Ransomware

Unfortunately, this is testimony to the success attackers have achieved with this type of malware and demonstrates the growing impact that that cybercrime can have on our everyday lives. The truth is that it can - and it might happen to you.
20/02/2017 17:15 GMT

Tech-Savvy Young People Needed To Plug Widening Skills Gap

Whether as masterminds of these attacks or foot soldiers in the pay of criminal gangs, teenager hackers have been linked with many high profile cybercrimes in recent years. In fact, the frequency of teenage cyber-attacks is growing as each generation's competency grows
23/11/2016 13:35 GMT

Who's Hiding Behind The App?

However, our constantly connected culture brings great risks, such as identity fraud, harassment and theft. Beyond a handful of pictures, emojis and light-hearted messages, we have very little knowledge of a person's true intentions or motives when they are positioned behind a social media account or dating profile.
31/10/2016 13:50 GMT

Online Gaming: Balancing Speed And Security

With decision-making clearly faltering due to this growing 'obsession', now is the time to outline these threats and consider a safer way of online gaming. We would recommend the following to avoid opening yourself up to security attacks while in 'gaming mode'
12/10/2016 12:20 BST

Sexting and Its Consequences

Sexting is a widespread and dangerous phenomenon that might have dreadful consequences for both teenagers and adults. It's important to remember that when you use today's means of communication, there's no guarantee that your data will be secure.
29/06/2016 09:25 BST

Security on the Go: Smartphones Increasingly at Risk

Mobile devices have become an extension of our everyday lives. Whether we're checking the news, browsing an online shop or catching up with loved ones on social networks - there's no denying that our handheld devices make our lives much more convenient...
16/03/2016 12:40 GMT

Are We Ready for Connected Bodies?

Imagine a world where you no longer have to carry bank cards, hotel room keys or tube passes; in fact, where you can simply use a chip inside your hand to open station barriers or pay for your morning coffee. You may think this sounds like a sci-fi movie, but it's happening in real life and is much more accessible than you may think.
01/02/2016 16:55 GMT

The Biggest Data Breaches of 2015

This year has seen a steady stream of security breaches, so much so that the news announcements almost seem routine. It's hardly surprising though, as our personal information is such a valuable commodity - not just for companies, but unfortunately for cybercriminals too.
15/12/2015 12:05 GMT