David Green

Meditator, Author of The Invisible Hand, Retired Entrepreneur

David Green went straight from school to work for one of the oldest merchant banks in the City of London. His career progressed quickly and he went on to work for other substantial financial organisations in asset finance and Eurobond trading. He started his own finance house at the age of 23 and built a niche company until it was sold when it reached a turnover of £100 million. David retired in 2006 when he was 42 and now lives in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. He has practised meditation for 20 years and is involved with charity work in India.

Mentored by two realised Kriya Yoga masters over the last 16 years, his new book, The Invisible Hand: Business, Success & Spirituality, follows the unusual story of how as a stressed out, driven entrepreneur David has a spiritual experience at the age of 31 which sets off a series of profound life-changing events including mystical experiences in Egypt and meeting a 91 year old guru from India who changes his life.

The Invisible Hand shows how the material and spiritual worlds are inextricably interlinked and how the entrepreneur and spiritual seeker have much in common to reach their goals. David refers to meditation as the superfood for the mind as the antidote to relieve stress and recounts how it gave him the edge on his quest for material success.