David Hall-Matthews

Managing Director of Publish What You Fund

David Hall-Matthews is the Managing Director of Publish What You Fund, the campaign for aid transparency.

In addition to previously being Chair of the Social Liberal Forum, he was also a Senior Lecturer in International Development at the University of Leeds. His research focused on different aspects of governance and accountability, including food security, democracy, corruption, colonial administration and the global political economy of development.

We Need More Information if We Want to End Poverty

We don't yet have enough reliable information to make difficult decisions. That also means we didn't have it when past decisions were made - and we often don't even know what those decisions were. For example, the report reveals that the total aid donors say they have spent is typically far higher than what recipient governments say they've received.
25/09/2013 08:48 BST

Is the Coalition Doomed? Far From It

For two and a quarter years, media commentators have been predicting the imminent demise of the coalition. Now the sharks are circling again - and this time there is indisputably blood in the water.
09/08/2012 08:26 BST