David Hurst

Writer. On #face2fbproject with Debs & our boys to visit friends & donate to charity - and inspire others to see their friends & donate too!

We – that’s Debs, David and our two sons Daniel and Darley, aged five and three – and Mr Colin Dog (a lively collie!) are on an adventurous challenge to Face2Facebook as many as possible of our friends and family who we’ve not seen for too long. We’ve downsized our house in order to afford our lovely shiny new Swift Escape 696 motorhome – and now we are living this excellent adventure to visit as many of our amazing people as possible.
For each person we Face2Facebook we will donate £2 to charity. We will then put forward that person to Face2Facebook a friend or family member, who they should do their best to visit within the next fortnight and show their support by continuing the £2 charity donation (or forfeit at least £4!).
For every person visited a nose2nose (or face2face for the shy!) photo will be posted on our Facebook page – http://goo.gl/w8adB0 – and Twitter @davidhurstuk (We think photos in sepia or mono work the best to give a nostalgic feel and stand out on Facebook.) We hope the visited people then carry this all on. So we hope this F2FB "friendship & family fiesta" easily and swiftly spreads to do a whole lot of good – and make the world go round with love!
Follow our journey here, a blog full of sunshine, smiles, adventure, a 9 to 5 alternative, and with the succulent aroma of freshly peeled oranges! http://face2fb.wordpress.com/
Learn to Travel, Travel to

Learn to Travel, Travel to learn

Education can be defined as learning in which knowledge, values, beliefs, skills and traditions are passed from one generation to the next. Every experience that has a formative consequence on the way we think, feel or act is therefore educational. Although education is compulsory in most countries up to a certain age, attendance at school frequently isn't.
28/11/2014 13:24 GMT
How to Be Happy - A Simple

How to Be Happy - A Simple Formula!

We all know that seeing a friend has this positive effect, but sometimes we repeatedly push it away in pursuit of happiness by other means. But in the pursuit of "achieving" this other happiness, we usually neglect what we know does make us happy: spending time with friends.
24/11/2014 11:52 GMT