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David Leigh

Writer, expat and blogger

David is an expat writer, blogger and entrepreneur living in Catalonia. His interests include technology, loud music and motorsports. He's also a lifelong fan of 007. He founded The James Bond Dossier website in 2002 and his book on the drinks of James Bond is available from Amazon.

Remembering Sir Roger Moore

Despite my reservations about some of his Bond films, I like Moore's urbane sophistication. Although I never met him, he always came across as being a true gentleman with a self-depreciating sense of humour. In his later years he involved himself in charity work, particularly UNICEF, for which he campaigned since 1991. He also campaigned for PETA.
25/05/2017 12:38 BST

FC Barcelona: History of the Joan Gamper Trophy

On Wednesday FC Barcelona confirmed the 2016 Joan Gamper Trophy will be played on 10th August against Italian club Sampdoria. As usual this annual competition is to be played at Barça's Camp Nou stadium and although the match isn't the most important in Barcelona's calendar, it does give supporters a chance to see the players before the real work gets underway.
01/07/2016 13:13 BST

Music Festivals in Barcelona

While Barcelona is perhaps most associated with architecture, football and warm weather, as one of the hippest cities in Europe it is also a great destination for live music.
14/05/2016 14:43 BST

Celebrating St George's Day in Catalonia

Although the legend of George and the Dragon is well known, there is strong evidence the man really existed. A Roman soldier who in 303AD was martyred for refusing to denounce his Christian faith, George was canonised in 494AD. Probably of Greek origin, he died in what is now Turkey with the dragon myth emerging later from Beirut.
26/04/2016 12:50 BST

El Clasico and the Rivalry Between Spain's 2 Biggest Clubs

This Saturday sees one of the biggest sporting events globally as FC Barcelona takes on Real Madrid at Camp Nou. After their humiliating 4-0 home defeat in November, Madrid will be looking to restore their self-esteem in the return leg.
30/03/2016 09:25 BST

James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Coffee

When overseas on assignment he orders double portions of coffee to go with his scrambled eggs in France, espressos in the United States, Irish coffee to follow a steak and champagne dinner at Shannon airport, and iced coffee for lunch while on the road to Saratoga with Felix Leiter.
21/03/2016 17:03 GMT