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David Ventures

Disability Sports Writer & Promoter. As Disability Adventurer I am passionate about improving participation of disabled people in outdoor sport.

David Reilly was born with Cerebral Palsy but has never let his disability prevent him from participating in outdoor pursuits, achieving his goals and fulfilling his potential. And now through writing and motivational speaking David shares his experience that thoughts that can’t help but motivate and inspire others.
Discovering Knoydart: Scotland's Last True

Discovering Knoydart: Scotland's Last True Wilderness

Knoydart is a very special place. A peninsula on the west coast of Scotland, accessed only by boat, it has all the feelings of a remote Scottish island. Staying in the village of Inverie, I went there recently to explore Scotland's last true wilderness.
15/09/2017 09:42 BST
The Challenges Of Outdoor Sport With Celebral

The Challenges Of Outdoor Sport With Celebral Palsy

The outdoors have always been a part of my life. Growing up in rural East Lothian, I spent much of my childhood walking hills and beaches with my family. Having Cerebral Palsy of course could make things more challenging for me. My stamina and ability was not as good as it is now. However, I never saw this as something that might stop me but rather just made me more determined.
11/09/2017 12:41 BST
The Mirage of

The Mirage of Generosity

The gift of a 'goat' seems to be the new sign of endearment between the middle classes. I was mistaken for one of them this Christmas.
21/03/2012 09:21 GMT
The Determination of Graeme

The Determination of Graeme Obree

I attended the Edinburgh Road Club annual dinner last week which I really enjoyed and, as well as good food and chat, we were treated to a presentation from Graeme Obree.
28/02/2012 10:40 GMT