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David Spencer

Broadcaster, journalist, writer and lecturer

David has worked in radio and TV since 1990, with time spent at the likes of Sky News, Classic Gold and talkSPORT. He has presented shows and news bulletins across a number of networks and has also overseen newsrooms as an Editor at the likes of Sky News Radio, BFBS and talkSPORT. David is also a lecturer at the University of Westminster where is renowned for his passion for radio and audio, engaging students in the power of the medium. He also runs Spencer Media's mentoring programme, which involves practical advice and guidance for individuals looking to progress their career. That has seen dozens of individuals advance in the media and expand their skills and confidence.
Knowing When To Quit Is Never

Knowing When To Quit Is Never Easy

All these voices have their time and we hold them in a special place, partly because of the moments they are fortunate to commentate on - pieces of history - but there is also a point when they begin to tire. Knowing when to quit is never easy and I respect Blofeld and Motson for their decisions to walk away when others would have carried on. But, my dear old friend, they have both had a good (career) innings.
15/09/2017 10:42 BST
Gauging Public Opinion? Twitter Ye

Gauging Public Opinion? Twitter Ye Not

There is a growing trend, almost a fixation, among broadcasters and publications to use social media to monitor public mood and opinion. You can quickly lose count of the amount of times you hear 'tell us what you think' via this and that social media platform on radio and TV shows.
14/08/2017 13:27 BST
The BBC 96: The Pay Dispute And Its

The BBC 96: The Pay Dispute And Its Ramifications

As the licence fee is compulsory, I think it is right we know where the money is spent and whom it is spent on. But we need to have full disclosure, not this halfway house. I think the BBC is amazing value for money but it is not without serious flaws. The debate around pay may help it address some of those issues.
24/07/2017 13:28 BST
Radio: Live Or Not So

Radio: Live Or Not So Live?

Recording shows is not solely the domain of commercial radio either. After all, the country's biggest radio station, Radio 2, decided this year that it is fine to record the overnight programme and remove the live presenters as part of 'cost cutting'.
13/07/2017 12:17 BST
Social Media: The Dark, Bright And Light

Social Media: The Dark, Bright And Light Side

The positive power of social media and also its negative side have been highlighted in different ways and through different stories over the past few weeks. While Katy Hopkins finally paid the price for her often pernicious and vitriolic comments, the Manchester bombing saw the media use the internet to help reunite families separated during the horror of that attack.
06/07/2017 13:18 BST
Touched By A Celebrity

Touched By A Celebrity Death

I am not claiming to have been more upset than anyone else; but George Michael's sudden death affected me because he played a part in my life in a way that David Bowie, Prince or George Martin did not. So the next time the Grim Reaper comes calling for a celebrity, I will have sympathy for those that surprise me with their emotions rather than snigger and sneer.
09/01/2017 17:14 GMT
The Pronunciation

The Pronunciation Conundrum

Working in radio news means you become fixated with pronunciation. Words that seem so simple become overly complicated as you realise we say them in different ways. Is harassment - her-rass-ment or haris-ment for example? Then there's controversy or CON-TROV-ERR-SEE. A can of worms has been opened and it's very hard to close it again.
31/10/2016 12:41 GMT
The Radio News Bulletin - Time To Change The

The Radio News Bulletin - Time To Change The Menu?

For more than 20 years I have been presenting and reading the news on U.K. Radio. During that time there have been dramatic changes to broadcasting and interaction with listeners. Whether this has been the internet's arrival, the expanded use of mobile phones or improved computers - technology and innovation has impacted radio and what we do in our job everyday.
11/10/2016 16:07 BST
A Game of Two Halves: Euro 2016 on Radio, BBC v

A Game of Two Halves: Euro 2016 on Radio, BBC v Commercial

I feel sure that 5 Live would shy away from such an idea - and even if it felt it was worth trying, the number of forms and paperwork involved in agreeing the decision would mean the programme might get the go ahead by the next World Cup at the earliest!
01/08/2016 12:56 BST
Chris Evans - Will He Keep Plugging

Chris Evans - Will He Keep Plugging Away?

Amid all the excitement and more than a dash of disappointment over the return of <em>Top Gear</em>, it is going to be interesting to hear what happens on Chris Evans' breakfast show on Radio 2 this week. Now all the hype is over, Evans has to deal with pretty poor reviews and some slating feedback...
30/05/2016 20:38 BST
Football TV - Same Old Faces, Different

Football TV - Same Old Faces, Different Channel

As I get older, no matter how hard I try not to become an old curmudgeon (I don't try hard enough really) there is an increasing wave of things that irritate me. Maybe irritate is too extreme a word - particularly in the example I'm going to be talking about here.
03/05/2016 17:01 BST
Sir Terry Wogan: A Radio Legend and

Sir Terry Wogan: A Radio Legend and Why

His famous answer to being asked about the millions of listeners he had, was to say he had one listener. There in a single answer, a short sentence, is why Sir Terry Wogan was so good at radio. He made each listener feel like it was they that he was talking to.
31/01/2016 15:49 GMT
Why Serial Is Killer

Why Serial Is Killer Radio

With a bang and a crash of its website, the new series of the popular podcast Serial arrived earlier this month. Sarah Koenig and her colleagues are taking up the story of Bowe Bergdahl for their second investigation.
21/12/2015 12:29 GMT
The Vagaries of the News

The Vagaries of the News Lexicon

It is all too easy in a busy newsroom to slip into cliche and start dipping into regular news language but sometimes it pays to take a step back and have a think about what you are writing. That is the true test of being a good journalist.
25/11/2015 13:13 GMT
Going to University: It's Not

Going to University: It's Not Academic

As many students settle into their first year at university and when the next tranche of teenagers visit institutions across the UK, choosing where they will do their degree, I reflect on the stark difference between my two children and their journeys through the education system.
16/10/2015 12:00 BST
CV or Not CV - That Is the

CV or Not CV - That Is the Question

A recent conversation with a colleague, who is Managing Director of a publishing company led to a fascinating revelation. He told me that he never looks at the CV of applicants for jobs in his company...
14/09/2015 16:29 BST
Sharing Your Experience - The Power of

Sharing Your Experience - The Power of Mentoring

But the 'tricks' that made that difference were only possible to understand by having experience. They might seem obvious to a 46 year old, but not to a 22 year old. I find it hugely rewarding to use this experience in the industry to help others start or improve their media career
17/08/2015 16:10 BST