David Evans

Director of the Campaign Company and a former Assistant General Secretary of the Labour Party

David Evans is Director of the Campaign Company, a research and company which works with local authorities to improve relations with residents. He is a former Assistant General Secretary of the Labour Party and worked as a party organiser at the 2001 election. He is also a Director at Chester City FC.

Engagement Could Be The Tonic To 'Tinkerbell' Theories Of Government

For my money, giving the public more say - and encouraging them to put themselves in decision-makers' shoes in so doing - is a key part of the solution. The more people are brought in on dilemmas the more the present impasse can be reduced - and the more Tinkerbell theories of government can be put to bed.
08/03/2017 12:23 GMT

From Essex to Manchester, the Ukip Surge Signals the Death Knell of Class-Based Voting

I do not believe that we are seeing the 'End of Politics'. I do, however, believe that we have reached the culmination of a steady, 40-year shift away from class-based voting. The two will feel, to many, like they are very much the same thing. Indeed, if the main parties do not face up to the change that has taken place, they could become so.
15/10/2014 07:10 BST