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Davis Mukasa

Socio-politico, global citizen, big idea gatherer

Londoner, ex-politico, worked behind the scenes late nineties and noughties in political PR before moving to mainstream media and new media news delivery and broadcasting. Writes about politics, social policy and culture, occasional stand up, currently researching and writing about the role of Intelligent Technology in the public sphere.

Zadora: The Infamous Baltic Baron Taking on MC Escher

For therapy 'Zadora' began to study the techniques of Haida totemic art through a close family friend. Thirty years later, Zadora's art would adorn the most exclusive collections across the globe as arguably the world's foremost gemstone artist and heir apparent to the (similarly Baltic) Russian jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé.
25/02/2015 15:33 GMT

Damir Polic: Art, Violence and Memories

The Affordable Art Fair opens its doors once again in leafy Hampstead June 12th to 15th this week. 113 galleries exhibit a range of contemporary art within the 'affordable' bracket, showcasing their wares and artists, established names, emerging names, paintings, photographs, sculpture and original prints between £40 and £4,000.
13/06/2014 12:50 BST

Five Principles and 38 Influential Quotations for the Modern Politician

With the Sochi Winter Olympics well under way and the conduct of our global leaders and their policies firmly in the spotlight, I thought it'd be helpful to produce a guide to some abiding political principles, quotations and notes that aspiring politicians and politicos can use to make sense of the madcap crazy political world we live in. Enjoy.
14/02/2014 11:51 GMT

Harriet of Peckhamshire and the Wrong Shoes

Far from being the man-in-waiting, I was beginning to feel more like the lady-in-waiting, running around behind Harriet cajoling people to partake. How could I showcase my political gravitas if we couldn't get past disparate and prolonged episodes of 'guess the face'? Somebody needed to hear the soliloquies I'd been rehearsing for a week.
29/01/2014 10:56 GMT