Deborah Hitchins

Mother of seven, Facebook addict

Deborah is a mother and blogger who started the Family Days Tried and Tested Facebook Page to provide inspiration and ideas to other families.

Whatever the weather, Deb makes the most of family life. With seven children ranging from under one to 24 years she shares the normal ups and downs of family life. There are a lot of laughs on the Facebook Page and you're welcome to join in anytime.

Her blog, Family Days Tried and Tested, was the MAD Blog Award Family Fun Winner in 2014 and a finalist in 2015.
Lest We Forget - Poppy Beach

Lest We Forget - Poppy Beach Art

Marking Remembrance is so important. We should never forget and instilling this into our children to take forward to future generations is something as parents we have the ability to do.
09/11/2016 14:14 GMT
An Unprepared

An Unprepared Mum

You look so small in your school uniform. My growing up baby just 4 years ago born. And I'm not sure you're ready for what is in store as you step out of nursery and through a new door.
05/09/2016 12:39 BST
Get Off Your

Get Off Your Phone

Are we capturing the moment to look back only to realise that we viewed that moment through a screen even though we were sat in the middle. Are we missing those moments because we're in a bid to show the world what we're doing, to share, to connect... Is that a bad thing?
21/06/2016 11:43 BST
Terrorism Is Not

Terrorism Is Not OK

Terrorism enforces unity. It enforces a love which humanity maintains. It doesn't mute us but makes our voices collectively stronger, louder. It doesn't stop us from being free. It does not blind us but clears our vision.
15/06/2016 12:01 BST
Tell Tale Signs You Have a

Tell Tale Signs You Have a Teenager

Teenagers are a strange breed. Creatures of habit, room dwellers, cupboard scavengers, door slamming mumblers. They like to sleep for copious amounts of time but also possess the ability to become nocturnal socialisers. They fridge forage and either avoid the bathroom at all costs or consume it for seemingly every waking minute... there is no in-between.
24/05/2016 17:02 BST
Abortion - A Choice Made From

Abortion - A Choice Made From Love

It's a decision that smashes your heart instantaneously into a million pieces. A decision that changes you forever. A decision that you cannot run from and will carry on your shoulders every second of each day, your first thought in the morning and last thought at night.
09/05/2016 19:51 BST
Baby Vests - Did You Know

Baby Vests - Did You Know This?

Maybe one of the best forms of advice is to throw that baby manual right out of the window. Listen to advice given and if it's not right for you then take it with a grateful pinch of salt. Wing it, your own way.
27/04/2016 13:41 BST
Stop Bashing Each Other - A Parenting

Stop Bashing Each Other - A Parenting Irony

I found if you say you're going with the flow then you're deemed uncaring and not bothered about achieving the best for your child. But if you're making informed choices you're deemed to be trying too hard. But the worst thing was the judgement and judgement where it really isn't needed.
21/04/2016 17:25 BST