Denis MacShane

Former Europe Minister

Denis MacShane was a Labour MP for 18 years and served in the FCO as PPS and Minister for Europe for 8 years. He was UK delegate to Council of Europe 2005-2010. He has written several books on European and global political and labour movement affairs and is the author of 3 books on Brexit. He writes and broadcasts regularly for UK, European and US media

Why No-One Knows How To Spring The Brexit Trap

The mood is uneasy, unsettled. The UK has no previous example of getting out of a disastrous policy blunder based for the first time in British history on a plebiscite decision, especially one which has yet to take place in the sense of leaving the EU.
13/08/2017 20:35 BST

How To Solve Free Movement Issue

There seems to be an assumption that there is a magic policy called 'immigration controls' which can be enacted and hey presto! all the long-standing tensions that have existed about the presence of foreign-born residents in the UK will subside.
06/08/2017 17:19 BST

A Good Man Not in Tune With His Times

A clever, intellectual, inquiring, methodical mind allied to one of the most least self-aggrandizing personalities, despite clear ability and ambition, in the Labour ranks in the Commons, Meacher never quite got into alignment with the political moment during his 45 years in the Commons.
21/10/2015 17:47 BST

Will the Left Lead Us Out of Europe?

If the vote is Yes to Europe, Labour can say the Tories have wasted two decades in the cul-de-sac of Euroscepticism and celebrate a defeat for the off-shore newspaper proprietors and their anti-EU obsessions. If Brexit is the result, Labour will demand Cameron's departure and a fresh consultation, via an election, to stop British isolationism and departure from the world stage as a major power.
31/07/2015 11:20 BST

Why the Chilcot Inquiry Won't Satisfy Us

Will 2015 finally see the publication of the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war? Certainly not this side of the election it now seems. Why is it taking so long? ... Sadly there is no single truth, no burning dossier, no transcript that will allow closure on the Iraq war.
21/01/2015 10:12 GMT

Churchill Howlers From Boris

Howlers are not just mistakes but deliberate omissions. The book is a jolly read and the voice of Boris is on every page submerging the words of Churchill. For Boris fans it is a must-read. But next time, might he employ a research assistant to check facts and ask why the great author why key events are left out?
24/10/2014 13:45 BST

Beware the Loyalty of Latvian Eurosceps

Farage is endlessly indulged by most UK journalists, notably the increasingly Eurosceptic BBC. He will survive this latest manifestation of how rickety his political edifice really is. But for those who place hopes in the European Parliament as an institution of prestige and democratic importance, this latest comedy is not encouraging.
17/10/2014 09:34 BST

Calling Islamists 'Deranged and Deluded' Avoids the Real Issue

Every time something cruel happens, the reflex is go into the rattle bag of clichés of condemnation. What that does is prevent serious thought about the politics and ideology behind the decision to fly a plane into the World Trade Centre, murder Daniel Pearl in Pakistan because he was Jewish, and now butcher James Foley because he was American.
22/08/2014 16:57 BST

Why Roy Hattersley Is Last of a Kind

Peter Hennessey has been carrying out a fascinating series of interviews on Radio 4 with veteran politicians like John Major and Roy Hattersley. It is unlikely we will see their like again as the role and make-up of MPs is changing faster than ever before in Parliament's history. Take Hattersley as an example.
20/08/2014 13:11 BST

Warsi Represents Something Cameron Has Never Understood

The conventional Westminster bubble accounts of Sayeeda Warsi quitting the government rely on unpleasant Tory spin questioning her motives. In fact there is a much richer Warsi story to be written about the multiple complexities of the British Muslim communities - the plural is important - which cannot be reduced to the horrors of the Gaza conflict.
06/08/2014 09:21 BST

David Cameron's Euro Chutzpah

Mr Cameron wants to show to his increasingly anti-European Conservative Party and to the Murdoch press as well as the other Europhobe media in London that he can be tough in Europe. Once again he wants to boast that a British prime minister can impose a veto against a candidate for the post of Commission president. London is back dictating to Europe what is permitted and what is forbidden.
13/06/2014 12:29 BST

The Unwanted European Parliament

If there is one thing worse than Euroscepticism or Europhilia it is Euroignorance. Pretending the European Parliament doesn't matter is a foolish and very British error.
19/05/2014 11:07 BST

France's Tony Blair Takes Over

The reforms France needs however are massive and require a revolutionary casting aside of vested interests and old thinking, Valls does not lack ambition but whether he will have the support in French parliament and in the Socialist Party remains the big unanswered question. If he doesn't, <em>c'est la fin</em>.
01/04/2014 10:44 BST

Miliband Stakes All on Saying No to an EU Referendum

If Mr Miliband becomes the Prime Minister he says, in contrast to Mr Cameron, his administration will not seek to spend its first two years seeking to renegotiate Britain's relationship with Europe and then submitting the outcome of any such renegotiation to a defining referendum in 2017.
12/03/2014 10:29 GMT