Dennis Hayes

Professor of Education at the University of Derby

Dennis Hayes is Professor of Education at the University of Derby and a visiting professor at Oxford Brookes University. He is the author of many books on education and teaching. His co-authored book, The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education (2009) was been described as ‘one of the most important books to have been written in at least the last twenty years in that crucial area where philosophy, policy and practice coincide.’

In 2006-7, he was the first joint president of the University and College Union, the largest post-compulsory education union in the world.

He is the founder of the campaign group Academics For Academic Freedom (AFAF), and in 2009 he edited and contributed to a special edition of the British Journal of Educational Studies on academic freedom and is currently writing a book on Academic Freedom.

As well as writing this education blog for the Huffington Post, he has been a columnist for FE Focus in the Times Educational Supplement and writes regularly for The Free Society and the national and local press. He has been a member of the Editorial Board of the Times Higher Education magazine since its inception.

In 2010 he was made a National Teaching Fellow.
Time for a Good Old-Fashioned Debate on

Time for a Good Old-Fashioned Debate on Education

We don't know what education is and, as a consequence, we do not know what debate means. Debate is at the heart of education and if there is a crisis about one there is a crisis about the other.
24/09/2012 18:09 BST
Silent Strikes Benefit No

Silent Strikes Benefit No One!

'Strikes benefit no-one' said Nick Gibb, the education minister, referring to today's public sector strike. He is wrong. Traditionally when strikes occurred, they made a point.
28/03/2012 16:39 BST
Let's Replace Ofsted With an 'Office for Subject-Centred

Let's Replace Ofsted With an 'Office for Subject-Centred Education'

Michael Gove, the UK education secretary, recently announced a cull of over 3,000 British 'vocational' qualifications. From 2014, these 'Mickey Mouse' qualifications will no longer count towards the league tables and compliant schools will not teach what won't make them look good.
28/03/2012 12:17 BST
Flirting In

Flirting In Class

The email began, 'It's outrageous the way you flirt in class!' and listed, in great detail, my looks, smiles, body language, and the witticisms, comments and the 'lingering' attention I had given to various members of a largely female group of post-graduate students.
20/03/2012 12:46 GMT
Science, Science and

Science, Science and Science

Remember Tony Blair's three priorities for government? They were 'education, education and education'. Talking to prospective free school principal David Perks, I became convinced that his 'three priorities for education' would be 'science, science and science'.
29/02/2012 15:46 GMT
A Note for the Teacher: Don't Pry into Family

A Note for the Teacher: Don't Pry into Family Life

Children are now settling back at school after their holidays. Teachers are back from weeks in France, Tuscany, Crete, or wherever. Holidays will be on everyone's minds as they sit - unwillingly - at their desks.
16/09/2011 12:24 BST
Back to School: What Every Child

Back to School: What Every Child Needs

After many years as a teacher, teacher trainer and writer on education, I have the answer to the question about what <em>one</em> essential thing parents should have bought - - a single purchase that could transform the education of children and young people and make every parent's and every teacher's life better.
08/09/2011 23:59 BST