Diane de Beer

Freelance Journalist & Blogger

Diane de Beer: At the Pretoria News from 1981 until 2016 where I was a journalist specializing in the arts. My fields of expertise for the past 35 plus years has been theatre, film, fine art, music (classic and contemporary), books, foods and restaurants. I was the arts editor at the Pretoria News for 15 years plus until the national arts supplement Tonight was implemented in 2005 and I became the Theatre Writer and reviewer in Gauteng. I was also the books editor for the Pretroia News and did a weekly food column that focused on the dining experience rather than restaurant reviews. I served on selected arts festival juries these past 20 years and also attended international festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival and The Edinburgh Festival. I am an Eat Out contributor and over the years have written features from arts to architecture for different local magazines.