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Dmitry Bagrov

Managing Director UK, DataArt

Dmitry Bagrov led the establishment of DataArt UK, and oversees all aspects of its operations, from sales to production and HR management. In his time as Managing Director, Dmitry has built DataArt UK into a fully-staffed provider of end-to-end solutions and has brought annual revenue from $2.4 million in 2009 to $21 million in 2015. He has led teams to gain a range of clients including Betfair, SiS, Coller Capital, Ocado, British Gas, major UK banks and financial services firms. With over twenty years’ experience across product and service development, delivery, sales and management, Dmitry’s sixteen years with DataArt followed roles as project manager with both Peterlink ISP and DUX ISP. He is a regular media commentator on business technology issues and has been quoted in the Financial Times, The Times, The Guardian, TechWeekEurope, Vanilla+, Forbes, BBC and numerous other news outlets. Dmitry has an MS in Computer Science from St. Petersburg State University.

There's Too Much Technology, So Let's Get More Of It

Smart phones are, in effect, a near essential part of modern life. Whether we want them to be or not, for most people, the services provided by a smart phone are now all but unavoidable. Trying to not use them is the equivalent of saying, "I won't use trains." It is eminently possible to pull off - but really not worth it.
23/08/2017 16:25 BST

Is Apple About To End The Party Again?

The company that gave us the smartphone as we know it may even become the first company to extend AR beyond sight, for the mass market. With the new airpods, the internet of things enabled HomeKit and the upcoming smart speaker HomePod, Apple can build augmented reality into a true ecosystem.
19/07/2017 16:46 BST

Anyone Can Be Whatever They Want... That's A Bad Thing

As in so many other areas, technology is a tool. One that can solve problems, but employed incorrectly can equally make them worse. The real problem is that there is no clear-cut solution. In a world where anyone can be an expert, no one is.
08/06/2017 12:27 BST

This Time It Isn't Personal: Why I Threw Alexa Away In Fifteen Minutes

Most of the adverts show happy people making cakes, or getting directions or finding out fun facts. Some show smart speakers capable of controlling lights or music. Sounds great right? Well, is it really easier to say, "Alexa turn off the light" than, just, turning off the light? I think not.
31/05/2017 15:54 BST

Everyone Is Out To Get You

For any company developing mobile and online offerings (which is nearly all of them) it is this approach that they should follow. View competition as defined not just within your industry but also from everyone. Focus on people and benefits, not features and functions. And above all, think through the ecosystem in which your users live in and plan accordingly.
05/04/2017 16:45 BST

Abolishing Yourself - Time To End The Procrustean Bed Of Customer Service

This is no way means an end to all customer interaction. That is here to stay. This means the creation of a better approach, which moves customer interaction away from the flawed model of today towards a more useful set of interaction for both the client and the company. To achieve this would require two solutions.
28/02/2017 14:46 GMT

The Emperor's New Clothes: How Smart Homes Are Becoming Rather Stupid

This may get me thrown out of the fraternity of technologists, but when it comes to bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) into our homes - 'smart' locks, 'smart' bulbs, 'smart' radiators, 'smart' whatever, has anyone actually sat down and asked the vital question - does anyone need this?
12/02/2017 20:58 GMT

Happy New Year! The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is The Lack Of Fear Itself

Every post you make, every breath you take, every search you make, they'll be watching you. Every bit of information you have ever entered anywhere online is stored, collated and held. For the most part, we give this data over without even thinking about the consequences, assuming it is safe.
12/01/2017 16:37 GMT

In Tech, The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything Is Not 42 - It's Integration

The simple truth is that the days when someone could create a new piece of technology and set the world alight overnight are over. As technology worms its way ever deeper into the inner workings of devices and systems, any innovation has to be able to seamlessly become part of this. Failure to do so means failure as a useful tool for business.
23/11/2016 12:16 GMT

Google And Apple Go To The Mattresses

However, with its new focus on hardware Google has called time on this fragmented approach. Their new ecosystem, much like Apple's, will encompass every device you need or want and fulfil every task you have. Including those tasks you haven't even considered technology doing yet.
14/10/2016 17:37 BST

Snap Back to Reality - the Future of AR

Imagine a combination of augmented reality sight, hearing and on screens all around you. All combing with Big Data, to bring you up to date information on your surroundings, see something interesting and want to know more? Your AR devices will tell you. No more need to get out your phone and google the information.
03/08/2016 17:36 BST

Make Tech Not War: How Technology Will Be the End of Nation States.

The end of the UK's membership of the EU could be seen as the beginning of the end. Or as the start of a new world order where war and division are replaced by technology, peace and a global community. Bound together not by political ideology but by practicalities.
25/07/2016 16:48 BST

It's Not UI, It's Me

With UI fast becoming a thing of the past we are left with ourselves as the interaction point with technology. While I don't expect many of us will fall in love with our Voice Assistants, and I hope not to hear 'Daisy Bell' being sung too often, this development will bring us closer to the technology we use. Making it an even more integrated part of our lives. The barriers between technology and us will be further broken down.
30/06/2016 10:06 BST

What Is the Point of Me?

Technology can change our lives, it can change nearly everything about our world but it cannot change human nature. What is the point of me? Same as before, but soon with less mundane things to do.
08/06/2016 09:57 BST

Is More Technology Always Healthy?

Health Technology is a perfect litmus test for every other sector. Healthcare cannot do without technology and cannot deliver better results without advancing technology. The twist however, is that much of what goes on is life-critical, so tech used must work nigh perfectly pre-implementation.
19/05/2016 11:29 BST