Dominique Antiglio

Founder of BeSophro, a Sophrology practice based in London. Specialties include stress-management, self-development and birth preparation

“Sophrology has changed the way I live my life. It continues to give me precious tools for my own developmental path and has inspired me to use it professionally to help others.”

Dominique Antiglio is one of the leading Sophrologists in the UK employing a unique balance of science and empathetic therapy to help clients achieve mind/body balance. Dominique gained her Masters in Caycedian Sophrology with Professor Caycedo, the founder of Sophrology. She specialises in stress-management, sleep problems, self-development and birth preparation for individuals and corporate organisations. With more than 15 years of experience as a therapist, Dominique has extensive training and therapeutic experience in Sophrology, Osteopathy and Sound therapy.

Originally from Switzerland, Dominique runs a thriving Sophrology practice in London, BeSophro.
She has been featured in The Telegraph, Psychologies Magazine and Grazia.
Dominique uses her experience, understanding of health matters and the Sophrology technique to support you as you deal with life's challenges.
She has explored and used different complementary approaches, and found Sophrology to be best suited to the challenges of today’s world.
Mindfulness In

Mindfulness In Sophrology

Once you have learned a few exercises with a practitioner you can do them at home, ideally for 10-15 minutes each day. Your practitioner will also give you a recording of your session to help you practise the exercises.
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