Dr. Bill Cloke


I started my education with a BA in Anthropology, then went on to a Masters in Education and rounded all out with a Ph.D. in Psychology. I have been in private practice for 35 years and work with individuals and couples in Los Angeles California.
How Do You Know If You Have a True

How Do You Know If You Have a True Friend?

Living our lives we run into, work with and connect with so many people and sometimes, if we are real lucky, we make a true friend... Which brings me to my question. What is a true friend? Is there anyone in our life that we can call a true friend? As we get older it gets harder to make new friends. When we are young we have so much more time to make friends than we do as adults.
29/09/2014 01:05 BST
Man In The Mirror: How Empathy Creates

Man In The Mirror: How Empathy Creates Insight

So how do we know when we are being empathic? One way is to check it out. Asking for acknowledgement is one way to know what someone is feeling. Another way is to pay attention or own up to what we see or think we see. When we are paying attention to what someone is saying it is a way to pay attention to ourselves.
29/07/2014 15:41 BST
You Say Potato and I Say Potahto - How Can We See the Same Thing So

You Say Potato and I Say Potahto - How Can We See the Same Thing So Differently?

Couples are frequently talking about entirely different events while discussing the same event. Or they will identify qualities within a person like "She was so angry with me" and as I was sitting right there I could see that it was not happening that way. Allowing for my own warped sense of reality I am often amazed at those inconsistencies within an interaction between seemingly rational people.
09/07/2014 14:53 BST
Male Menopause or Mid-Life Crisis, You Be the

Male Menopause or Mid-Life Crisis, You Be the Judge

As I ponder the vicissitudes of this strange new world it occurs to me that we live in a culture that not only is youth oriented but people are acting it out in a variety of ways. Whether it's spiritual vitality, jumping out of planes at 90 or running marathons way into their dotage we seem to be defying gravity. What's wrong with that
29/05/2014 11:50 BST
The Art of Decoding

The Art of Decoding Moods

Most people buy into popular culture where we talk about control freaks and moodiness like they are anomalies that we can flick off like lint from our sweater. "Just get over it" rings out from the peanut gallery of nay sayers and pundits like grease through a goose. It's just not that simple. Moods can be complex and almost invisible.
20/05/2014 16:51 BST
The Steely Bitch Called

The Steely Bitch Called Loss

Grieving is the bodies way of letting go. Trust your body, it has millions of years of knowing what to do when it comes to loss. Our natural response is to be strong, keep going, to not look back, stiff upper lip and all that. But doing that only stuffs down the feelings and they will eventually come up somewhere or somehow like depression, anger, drinking and drugs.
22/04/2014 14:10 BST
How to Break Your Anxiety

How to Break Your Anxiety Habit?

We have two nervous systems. One is the sympathetic nervous system or the "on" switch for anxiety and the other is the parasympathetic nervous system or the "off" switch. We need to learn where those switches are and what turns them on and then what turns them off and let me tell you it's not simple either, but also not impossible.
03/03/2014 15:07 GMT
Does Anger Have a Place in Love

Does Anger Have a Place in Love Relationships?

How do we learn to control anger? It is of course very complex and difficult and sometimes no matter what we try to do, it's going to come up. The more we know about what causes our anger the better we are able to make choices about how we want to respond when we are angry.
21/02/2014 00:31 GMT
What Do Women Want

What Do Women Want Anyway?

Men far too often get caught up in a million things, including their crack phone habit, to stop, look and listen to their mate. Women are about as obvious as a train coming through the room when it comes to what they want. So unless you are brain dead, take notice and ask how they are.
04/02/2014 16:42 GMT