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Dr Diahanne Rhiney

Award-winning PR expert, psychologist, Founder of Strength With In Me Foundation, Domestic Abuse interventionist

Dr Diahanne Rhiney is synonymous with the unrelenting, multifaceted, tireless 'superwoman' archetype we have come to associate with powerful women in a Michele Obama-esque age. Leaping from a successful model to a sought-after business honcho, Diahanne has finally reached a natural platform wherein she can utilise her savvy as a PR expert and positively impact others in the same space.

Diahanne's interview with the late Coretta Scott-King, was a game-changer. As was hosting and commentating on Barack Obama's first Inauguration Celebration in February 2009 followed swiftly by winning the Natwest Everywoman Athena Award in December 2009. Diahanne currently pens several blogs and speaks at events and workshops all over the world on the topics nearest to her heart. She also runs the Diahanne Rhiney consultancy which represents a plethora of diverse, dynamic clients.

As a leading consultant, Diahanne is recognised and authoritative commentator on business success, branding, media, personal development and the theory of change. Her ability extends to psychology and counselling in the gritty domain of domestic violence and abuse; a territory she is qualified in not purely due to her academic achievements as a psychologist but to her own personal experiences. Her own pioneering Domestic Violence campaign S.W.I.M (the acronym for 'Strength With In Me') is a trailblazing concept aimed at equipping the next generation with the tools to avoid negative relationships and make empowered life choices.
The Shocking Reality Of Our Police And Domestic

The Shocking Reality Of Our Police And Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse thrives on ignorance and laziness. Perpetrators succeed wherever they can get away with it. When a policeman fails to do his job properly, a victim is at risk of death and a perpetrator goes to bed smiling. The police must rethink the ways they deal with DV, in particular how they handle the complex issues and needs of its victims.
12/04/2017 17:40 BST
Being Mum And

Being Mum And Dad

She died so suddenly that Rio expressed that he barely had time to absorb the news before she had already 'slipped away' from them leaving him with the huge task of raising three small children alone. He has risen to the challenge and has discovered that he is doing well considering he is being Mum and Dad. As a viewer you think, thank God those children have him.
04/04/2017 16:10 BST
Are You Too Intelligent To Be The Victim Of A

Are You Too Intelligent To Be The Victim Of A Crime?

When my ex-partner tried to murder me by putting a gun to my head, I was at the top of my game. I had reached a point with my PR companies where I was the go-to for giving voice to the voiceless; I was winning awards for making waves in marketing and diversity. Yes, I consider myself to be an intelligent woman. I also had a vast circle of friends and colleagues and a close-knit family. My greatest obstacle to freedom was my own overbearing feeling of shame.
31/03/2017 12:45 BST
How Raw Is 'Too

How Raw Is 'Too Raw'?

I know that triggers are complex, unpredictable and create unique reactions. As a psychologist, I get that. What I don't get is how an honest and real talk featuring a few clips can be 'too raw' when it comes to the ugly field of Domestic Abuse.
20/03/2017 15:32 GMT
Diversity: More Than Just A

Diversity: More Than Just A Buzzword

Diversity is the buzzword in everything from workshops to expos and conferences and everything in-between, but what about in the workplace? It's all too easy to get execs to give talks and bold statements or host glitzy awards about the importance of diversity and yet it's still so difficult to find actual examples of growth and success.
23/02/2017 16:35 GMT
Time For

Time For 2017

I believe that despite all the imbalance around us, we need to position ourselves in a steady spot and remember that, as human beings, we have endured and overcome so many things. As tough as it may seem now, we will survive Trump and Brexit too.
31/12/2016 11:40 GMT
Mental Health Needs More Than Just A

Mental Health Needs More Than Just A Day...

I've only scratched the surface of this issue and yet despite all of this stigmatisation, there is only ONE day of global awareness! We need to have an open dialogue surrounding mental health issues. Our media needs to be less sensationalist in how they portray mental illness. We definitely need more than one day of awareness a year to do this.
28/10/2016 13:09 BST
Who Run the World?

Who Run the World? Girls!

I believe that as women we should give Theresa May an opportunity to prove she is what this country needs. Still, a second female Prime Minister should excite us. We may not be exactly where we want to be but we're on our way there. Surely each small step we take towards progress is a step worth celebrating.
18/07/2016 13:24 BST
The Truth About

The Truth About Allergies

Summer is here and the dreaded headlines have started already. Just a few weeks ago the newspaper headlines screamed: 'SUPER ALLERGIES to hit Britain this summer hitting a record one in four sufferers'. Over 150 million people have allergies in Europe making it the most common chronic disease.
29/06/2016 12:31 BST
Live Your Best

Live Your Best Life

People often say to me 'I am living!' Yes, we are all breathing, waking up in the morning and going to work and doing our best to get by. Yet, I wonder how many of us are merely existing. There is a vast difference between the two. Whilst this is something I have often pondered on (especially since the sudden passing of my mother), this film really brought it home to me.
17/06/2016 11:11 BST
The Imposter Syndrome - Syndrome or

The Imposter Syndrome - Syndrome or Mindset?

One of the greatest author and poet of our time, Maya Angelou wrote eleven acclaimed books in her lifetime. Yet, she once admitted 'I have written eleven books, but each time I think, "Uh oh, they're going to find out now. I've run a game on everybody, and they're going to find me out.'
27/05/2016 11:23 BST
Joint Enterprise:

Joint Enterprise: "Wrongly Interpreted for 30 Years"

This week has marked a pivotal moment in the British judicial system as the UK's highest court has finally ruled that the law on 'joint enterprise' has been wrongly interpreted for 30 years. I believe that to be an understatement.
21/02/2016 17:43 GMT
The Glass

The Glass Ceiling

Over the past two years, no black actors or actresses have been nominated for Oscars. And over the past decade there has only been 18 black nominees, which amounts to just 9 percent of all acting nominees.
02/02/2016 18:46 GMT
The Most Wonderful Time of the

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Of course, Christmas is a time of celebration and merriment and I wish each and every one of you happiness and joy. Please let's just stop to consider the millions of lives, people who live on our street, go to school with our children, colleagues at work, men, women and children who are all dreading the time of year that has proven year after year to be a terrifying season.
15/12/2015 11:38 GMT