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Elizabeth Sparkes

Mindfulness teacher, Health Psychologist, lecturer, mother

Dr Elizabeth Sparkes is a Health Psychologist and Mindfulness teacher. She lectures at Coventry University and is the course director for the MSc Mindfulness and Compassion. Elizabeth has a PhD in pain psychology and also a keen interest in maternal health.
Dear Liz Sparkes

Dear Santa......

It is a magical time for many children as they learn about Christmas and all of the glitter and excitement that comes with
05/12/2017 11:53 GMT
It Is Not Always The Way It

It Is Not Always The Way It Seems

We have become accustomed to think in certain ways and often see things in fixed patterns. It's hard not to make assumptions and to stay in patterns of thoughts and behaviours. Situations and circumstances are often shaped by the way we think.
27/10/2017 10:47 BST
Thanks A Lot! Now I Feel So Much

Thanks A Lot! Now I Feel So Much Better

We get so lost in our emotions; they feel so physical and sometimes overwhelming. We take ourselves to so many places in our minds (lists, memories, worries, desires, planning) that we forget to be here, noticing the pleasure of now. Gratitude is one of the things that can change your life. That sounds very dramatic, but it's true.
25/08/2017 14:44 BST
What Is Mindful Parenting

What Is Mindful Parenting Anyway?

What mindful parenting is not: superficial, lack of discipline, looking fabulous at all times, getting it right first time and every time, having children that meditate every day (but that's not a bad thing if it happens).
12/06/2017 13:42 BST
On Being Sensitive And Living In Your

On Being Sensitive And Living In Your Heart

I hesitate in regards to listening to the news these days as it's so difficult to hear, but at the same time there is so much strength and pulling together going on too. There is so much distress around at the moment, it's important to rest back from it all now and then and take care of yourself.
09/06/2017 12:15 BST
The Pregnant Body - It's Not A Free For

The Pregnant Body - It's Not A Free For All!

Women feel far too much pressure to lose weight quickly after pregnancy and this is actually a time to enjoy a new baby and rejoice in a new adventure. Receiving comments on a daily basis about physical appearance is quite possibly feeding the need to be slim quickly after birth
18/11/2016 11:15 GMT
What Will Mindfulness Do For

What Will Mindfulness Do For Me?

Mindfulness is giving attention to the experiences happening now, internal bodily sensations and external every day experiences. Rather than always being caught up in a web or thoughts or rushing from one activity to the next, we start to experience pauses and gaps to allow for insight.
23/08/2016 11:57 BST
The Mindful Way Through

The Mindful Way Through IVF

I was extremely naïve and I honestly thought it would be easier than it was. It's tough I wont deny it but from my limited experience, here are the key things that I did and learnt. I hope they help you too.
03/08/2016 15:25 BST
Don't Miss Out on Your Life, Eight Things to

Don't Miss Out on Your Life, Eight Things to Consider

It's so easy to get consumed by things, stuff, and living in your head. This results in a missing out on the moment to moment experience of life. We can find ourselves clinging to thoughts, both good and bad. Being on autopilot, at home and at work, not stopping to take in the moments results in less ease.
31/05/2016 11:59 BST
Why Mindfulness Isn't Fluffy, the Princess and the

Why Mindfulness Isn't Fluffy, the Princess and the Frog

I recently introduced mindfulness to a small group. What they found surprising was the fact that mindfulness isn't about sitting and picturing a beach scene and blocking out the 'bad stuff'. The sitting practice of meditation does often enable a sense of calm and restfulness, but this isn't always the case.
05/04/2016 11:43 BST
Ten Ways to Do Nothing

Ten Ways to Do Nothing Better

Yeah, you read that right - do nothing. It's not easy is it? What happens when we just sit quietly? Thoughts; I should be doing this or that, glimpses at past events and conversations, daydreaming about happy events, guilt for not doing something, anything - the list is endless. It's almost harder to sit still than it is to keep on doing. Isn't it?
04/03/2016 14:37 GMT
The Mindful

The Mindful Toddler

Children are generally mindful, they live moment to moment quite easily, the key is to encourage them to maintain this skill. We are reading lots about supporting children in schools to be mindful, what about Toddlers?
08/02/2016 16:56 GMT
It's a Right

It's a Right Pain

Compassion is key when we consider pain, bringing kindness and understanding towards ourselves when experiencing pain can make a difference. Studies show time and time again the variance in pain experience when mindfulness and compassion are introduced.
02/02/2016 12:55 GMT
Two Men and Two

Two Men and Two Babies

What strikes me about these two men is that between them they run a tight ship, there are no blurred boundaries and they have huge hearts. Love isn't a soft emotion, compassion and love are strong courageous and determined.
13/01/2016 10:40 GMT
It Is at the Heart of Everything -

It Is at the Heart of Everything - Love

Compassion is there, in all of us, we don't need to create it, just cultivate it. Engaging with compassion meditations is an excellent way to bring more your way. Just sitting and wishing those around you well, visualising others happiness as well as your own is the start of a greater experience of compassion.
29/12/2015 15:42 GMT
Can We Talk About

Can We Talk About Infertility?

There is a lot of coverage in the media about female fertility and this is just a gentle reminder to the media that men have some involvement too. It's a complex series of events taking place during conception and the men have a fair amount of responsibility too. Male age and health also impacts fertility.
10/12/2015 12:12 GMT
It's Time for More

It's Time for More Compassion

Cultivating compassion isn't hard work; we are uncovering something that is present in all of us. Loving kindness meditation is one way to develop a compassionate practice, originating from Buddhist traditions it has been shown to slow respiratory rate in just ten minutes of practice.
04/12/2015 10:26 GMT
Why I Trust My

Why I Trust My Consultant

We can all be a little more compassionate at work, with people around us, it makes life so much better. Compassion is catching, when you radiate it, it generally comes back to you. Its the compassion that can make all the difference. Life is richer with kindness.
19/11/2015 10:54 GMT