Dr Jonathan Carr-West

Chief Executive of the LGiU (Local Government Information Unit)

Chief Executive of the LGiU (Local Government Information Unit)

The Conservatives Have Gone Walkabout On Devolution

What to expect as we head towards Conservative conference? There's a growing sense that the time has come for the Government to say something, anything, about how it sees the future. The Prime Minister will surely want to say more than just that "Brexit means Brexit" if she is to reassure the country that she is indeed the steady hand at the tiller she appears to be.
03/10/2016 16:21 BST

It Wasn't All Plain Sailing for the Conservatives in the Locals

Last night's results also showed that Conservative councils have been effective in managing declining funds whilst continuing to provide public services. They have not been given the boot for failed bin collections or the dimming of streetlights. In fact it demonstrates that Conservative council leaders across the country have innovated against the tide of austerity. For that they have been rightly rewarded.
06/05/2016 17:15 BST

Devolution - A Road Map

Everyone's talking about devolution these days. But while there's growing consensus around the principle, there's far less clarity about how it is to be achieved. This is our devolution road map...
05/06/2015 14:30 BST

The Landlord-Tenant Relationship Must Change

We face many challenges as a society. These are often too big for individuals, governments or institutions to tackle alone. An overly paternalistic focus on individual behavior may lead to small changes, but the bigger underlying problems will remain.
25/11/2013 11:20 GMT

How Can We Raise Standards in the Private Rented Sector?

There is no one-size-fits-all model of engagement with the PRS. Rather, councils should be given the freedom and capacity to respond to the needs of their local area. We hope these recommendations will prompt further discussion and lead to new conversations with the sector.
16/09/2013 12:38 BST

Fat Is a Local Government Issue

We need to recognise that, even in a global, modern city like London, there are communities where people struggle to access fresh fruit and vegetables and afford to pay for leisure facilities. Local councils should tackle this exclusion head-on.
04/01/2013 18:27 GMT

A Better Insurance Market Would Help Meet Rising Costs of Adult Social Care

A group of more than 60 government advisors, charity directors and independent experts have signed<a href="http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/letters/8988318/The-Government-must-make-reforming-the-care-system-a-top-priority.html" target="_hplink"> a letter to today's <em>Daily Telegraph</em></a> demanding radical reform to care and home help services.
04/01/2012 14:24 GMT

What Impact Has FoI Had on Local Democracy?

Yesterday the Constitution Unit at UCL published a fascinating report, <em>Town Hall Transparency</em><a href="http://www.ucl.ac.uk/constitution-unit/research/foi/foi-and-local-government/town-hall-transparency.pdf" target="_hplink">http://www.ucl.ac.uk/constitution-unit/research/foi/foi-and-local-government/town-hall-transparency.pdf</a>, assessing the impact that Freedom of Information has had on local democracy and government in England.
16/12/2011 11:31 GMT