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Dr Kamal Ahuja

Managing Director of The London Women’s Clinic Group - Specialist in all areas of fertility

Dr Kamal Ahuja achieved his PhD at Cambridge University, where his lasting interest in clinical IVF began. The ethics of IVF and its cost effectiveness continue to be part of his research interests. Dr Ahuja is Chairman of Reproductive BioMedicine Online, an international medical journal, and the Scientific and Managing Director of the London Women's Clinic Group.
Why The Current Law On Egg Freezing Needs To

Why The Current Law On Egg Freezing Needs To Change

In 1990 the 10-year storage period for egg freezing was put into UK law, which permits women to freeze their eggs and store them for 10 years only, before they are destroyed. This was introduced to avoid overcrowding in egg banks, and at the time it was unknown whether there was an 'expiry date' on frozen eggs.
13/11/2017 10:36 GMT