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Dr Michael Petry

Artist, curator and author, Director of MOCA London

Michael Petry (Texas, 1960) studied at Rice University, Houston and has a Doctor in Arts from Middlesex University. Petry is an artist, author and Director of MOCA London. He co-founded the Museum of Installation, and was Curator of the Royal Academy Schools Gallery. Petry authored Installation Art, Installation in the New Millennium, and Hidden Histories: 20th century male same sex lovers in the visual arts. Petry’s book The Art of Not Making: The New Artist Artisan Relationship was accompanied by a touring exhibition he curated as is the case for his current book/exhibition Nature Morte: Contemporary Artists reinvigorate the Still-Life tradition. Petry was the first Artist in Residence at Sir John Soane’s Museum and had a one man show The Touch of the Oracle at the Palm Springs Art Museum (2012). Petry’s work has been shown in museums and international exhibitions including Frontiers Reimagined at the Venice Biennale (2015). Petry is represented by galleries in London, New York, Houston and Palm Springs.
Brexit And The

Brexit And The Arts

Sadly we will be leaving the EU in one form or another and for all that Brexit means Brexit, no one in the government has mentioned that they have even given a second thought to how it will affect the arts.
15/09/2016 12:41 BST
Oriented: Life Is Not an

Oriented: Life Is Not an Ideology

The film is a fly on the wall documentary of three ordinary young gay men who live in the extra-ordinary world that is the bifurcated society of Tel-Aviv.
09/06/2016 11:19 BST
Departure: A Sexual

Departure: A Sexual Brexit

Andrew Steggall's new film <em>Departure</em> (from May 20th) focuses on a middle class family breakup.
09/05/2016 21:08 BST
Send Him to the

Send Him to the Tower

So what of Reid's penis? Well in the sculpture it is circumcised, though being a discussion amongst mainly British people and the Reverend Canon Roger Hall MBE - Chaplain to Her Majesty The Queen and the Tower of London, no one asked him if this was artistic licence or a true account of his own manhood (he might be uncut for all we know).
13/02/2016 23:05 GMT
Little and

Little and Large

There is so much cultural life going on outside London - much less in Scotland, Wales and Ireland (North and South) and that if you stay in London (like so many New Yorkers who never go further than Brooklyn) you really miss out.
16/11/2015 14:29 GMT

Falling Leaves

London in the fall is a crowded schedule for art lovers, not only are the galleries returning from the long summer break, they are preparing themselves for the onslaught of art fairs and openings at major institutions. This year to beat the rush a myriad of private galleries are opening their shows a full week before the fairs, as well as at many public bodies.
08/10/2015 14:51 BST
The Dream

The Dream Machine

Helen Galliano and Dimitri Launder founded the as a multi-media performance company that makes site-specific works. Their new production <em>The Dream Machine</em> takes the audience 10 meters under the Rotherhithe sidewalk at the entrance to the Brunel Tunnel.
17/07/2015 16:05 BST

Figuratively Speaking

The new exhibitions at the Serpentine Galleries pairs Duane Hanson with Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, both use the human figure in their work but conceptually they could not be further apart.
03/06/2015 17:34 BST

Bad Gurls

Here at the Venice Biennale Sarah Lucas has seized the crown. Her show for the British Council <em>I SCREAM DADDIO</em> is the star turn at the Giardini. She has painted the whole of the inside a bright canary yellow and filled it with her wonderfully rude pieces.
07/05/2015 15:57 BST
Abuse of Power Comes as No

Abuse of Power Comes as No Surprise

The Serpentine Galleries have two new shows that each in their own way contemplate the abuse of power. Leon Golub is the elder statesman of this type of political art, though the phrase the <em>Abuse of Power comes as no surprise</em> is a well known Jenny Holzer work.
09/03/2015 22:59 GMT
Chinese Whispers or Something Like

Chinese Whispers or Something Like That

They are interested by how East and West see things. It is the difference they are intrigued by and the results are impressive. It is a method of East/West interaction many artists are working with, now that China has become a place for the manufacture of Western art ideas.
26/01/2015 11:57 GMT
Maciej Urbanek: HS, an

Maciej Urbanek: HS, an Installation

When I asked Urbanek about the moniker <em>HS</em>, he gave me a wry smile, and told me that every year at Easter in a formal consecration ceremony they process a large lit white candle around the font and then spill the hot wax into the awaiting water. Jump in!
28/11/2014 11:48 GMT
London Art

London Art Roundup

October is a busy time for art lovers (and haters) in London, as hundreds of shows and events happen at more-or-less the same time and a super human effort is needed to see even a small percentage of them. I tried that last year; it was just too much. This year I have seen less but enjoyed it more. My highlights are below...
22/10/2014 12:24 BST

Reading Polari

On 8 September the first Polari Book Prize will announce its shortlist having released a longlist at the beginning of August. The prize is for any literary form (poetry, fiction, biography) that 'explores the LGBT experience' and will be given on 8 October.
04/09/2014 14:07 BST
Utopia: Kraig Wilson's New

Utopia: Kraig Wilson's New Photographs

2014 is the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War and to commemorate it Wilson asked the British Army if they would allow him to photograph serving men who are also part of the LGBT community.
04/08/2014 14:12 BST
Prone: New Work by Darryl

Prone: New Work by Darryl Lauster

Darryl Lauster is the sort of American you wish there were more of, those with a political memory longer than the last election cycle or even last year. He is fascinated by the construction of American mythology and the history of it seen from the privileged position of the straight white religious male.
08/07/2014 17:46 BST
What Would Princess Diana

What Would Princess Diana Do?

The Beverly Hills Hotel has been more or less emptied out of celebs who will no longer be seen there and it is losing millions. I do not have the liquid funds to indulge in such rich surroundings so it is easier for me not to give my money to a man who wants to kill me, but I hope others won't either.
19/06/2014 16:08 BST