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Dr Mike Barrett

Director of Science and Policy, WWF-UK

Dr. Mike Barrett trained as a geologist before specialising in hydrogeology. He worked for 8 years in

groundwater resources, with a focus on water and sanitation both in the UK and East Africa. He then

joined the UK Civil Service and over a 12 year period worked in both the Environment and Finance

Ministries, also spending a year in 2004 working for the Prime Minister’s Commission for Africa.

During this time, his focus was primarily on biodiversity, international forestry, and climate change

policy. In November 2013 he joined WWF UK as Director of Science and Policy.

Declining Wildlife Populations Are A Wake Up Call For Us All

This is our fault. Human activities including deforestation, pollution, overfishing and the illegal wildlife trade, coupled with climate change, are pushing species populations to the edge as people overpower the planet for the first time in Earth's history.
27/10/2016 14:11 BST