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Dr Nick Hill

Cambridge physicist, CEO, inventor and innovator

Dr Nick Hill is a renown innovator and inventor – with his company Sure Petcare selling more than one million smart reading products in 35 countries across the globe. Starting out as a physicist, he studied at Oxford University before switching to Cambridge University for a PhD in quantum physics of semiconductor devices. But after completion of his PhD, his passion for invention and entrepreneurship saw his career path take a different trajectory. While working for Cambridge company NXT, he helped develop its revolutionary audio technology, which over the years proved an exceptional training ground in many areas including research management, product development, patents, and IP protection. However, bitten by the start-up bug, he went on to develop an innovative cat door product for his cat - forming SureFlap Ltd in 2008 to take it to market. Following the global success of the SureFlap range of microchip reading pet door and feeders, SureFlap and Cambridge Resonant Technologies were acquired in 2015 by Antelliq, the global leader in animal identification and monitoring. Nick now heads the Antelliq consumer pet division, Sure Petcare, and is leading their unique combination of pet microchips and connected products as the future of intelligent petcare.