Dr Prateek Buch

Researcher, public advocate of evidence, policy adviser

Prateek Buch is an experienced researcher, public advocate of evidence, and policy adviser. As policy associate at Sense about Science, Prateek researched and co-authored Missing Evidence: an inquiry into the delayed publication of government-commissioned research. The inquiry led to widespread national media coverage.

As Director of the Social Liberal Forum, which represents the progressive mainstream of the Liberal Democrats, he campaigned to amend the Tory NHS reforms and wrote the SLF's first policy pamphlet, " Plan C - social liberal approaches to a fair, sustainable economy." As an elected member of the Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee, Prateek has shaped policy on health and social care, inequality and sustainable prosperity.

You can read some of his comment and opinion articles published in The Independent, New Statesman and Guardian, as well as political blogs on Liberal Democrat Voice and Left Foot Forward. Prateek has a PhD in molecular genetics and is crazy about family, sport and all things coffee.