Dr Sarah Schenker

Dr Sarah Schenker PhD

Sarah is a qualified Registered Dietitian, Registered Public Health Nutritionist and an Accredited Sports Dietitian. Sarah is a member of the British Dietetic Association; The Nutrition Society; The Guild of Health Writers and has served on both professional and government committees.

As a Mum of two children under 5, Sarah is perhaps best well known for her work with young children, uniquely qualifying her as a professional who understands the needs of young mums everywhere. Dr. Schenker has worked with the Pre-School Learning Alliance training their trainers and authored the Early Years Recipe Book and Nutritional Guidance for under 5s. Sarah is particularly proud of her work with Jamie Oliver and his Feed Me Better campaign to improve school food and contributed to the accompanying book Nora's Dinners.

Sarah graduated from the University of Surrey with a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and State Registration in Dietetics. After gaining three years clinical experience at St. Thomas' Hospital in London and the John Ratcliffe Hospital in Oxford, Sarah entered the world on academic research at the University of Oxford and the Institute of Food Research in Norwich. There she gained her PhD in human nutrition.

• Member of the British Dietetic Association
• Member of the Nutrition Society
• Member of the Guild of Health Writers
• Nutrition Scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation

Sarah has worked with government bodies including the Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency as a consultant on educational and community projects. Sarah also works with a range of corporate clients as a nutritional consultant.