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Dr Simon Duffy

Director of Centre for Welfare Reform and Secretary for Citizen Network

Dr Simon Duffy is Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform, an independent think tank that works to improve the welfare state and secretary to the international cooperative, Citizen Network. Simon is a philosopher and social innovator, best known for inventing personal budgets and developing the keys to citizenship. He has founded a number of organisations including Inclusion Glasgow and In Control and has written several books and many articles. He was awarded the RSA’s Prince Albert medal for social innovation in 2008 and the Social Policy Association’s award for outstanding contribution to social policy in 2011. His doctorate is in moral philosophy where he set out to defend the reality of the Moral Law.
How To Reform The NHS? Leave It

How To Reform The NHS? Leave It Alone

Do you remember the story of the boy who 'cried wolf'? We have heard the claim that the NHS is threatened with privatisation many times; but the threat is real. The level of privatisation has increased and this next non-reform puts the NHS at even greater risk.
27/09/2017 11:58 BST
It's Time For Labour To Take Rights

It's Time For Labour To Take Rights Seriously

The UK must make many changes to effectively respect all our human rights - including significant constitutional changes. But the Labour Party could begin by starting to consistently use the language of rights. If they did they would certainly connect to the deepest desires and the moral convictions of ordinary people.
21/09/2017 13:04 BST
Christians Come Out Against

Christians Come Out Against Austerity

Christians have much to say that is relevant today, ideas and examples which can help us to find a better way of living together - for the common good. But we must no longer be fooled by the lies and rhetoric that have led us astray for the past few decades.
06/09/2017 12:30 BST
Complicity With The Social Care

Complicity With The Social Care Crisis

ven more recently some of us have gathered forces internationally to form <a href="" target="_hplink">Citizen Network</a>, a cooperative movement to act and advocate for citizenship for everyone. It is only when we realise that every single one us matters, in all our diversity and frailty, that we can create a world which is safe and secure for all of us.
26/07/2017 12:48 BST
What Labour's Success

What Labour's Success Means

What Labour's success means is that more people are beginning to listen. Some are beginning to realise, not just that things are wrong, but that things can change for the better. Perhaps, at last, we will wake from our 40 years of grim and restless sleep...
12/06/2017 12:46 BST
Brexit: An

Brexit: An Apology

On behalf of my country I want to say sorry to the world, and particularly to all our friends and allies in Europe. It seems we've decided to break our long-standing ties and our commitments and instead do things our own way. By this decision we have made the world a little colder, a little more dangerous and quite a bit more stupid.
29/03/2017 13:10 BST
Why Care Regulation Needs to

Why Care Regulation Needs to Change

The Care Quality Commission or CQC has probably one of the most important jobs in the country: to make sure that people who need care are safe from abuse. Unfortunately the evidence is that they are failing in this task and they are bound to fail because of how they are organised and how they think.
27/01/2017 11:33 GMT
Does Theresa May Understand The Meaning Of

Does Theresa May Understand The Meaning Of Citizenship?

At the Conservative Party Conference this year, Theresa May declared "if you believe you're a citizen of the world, you're a citizen of nowhere. You don't understand what the very word 'citizenship' means." This rhetoric was used to justify her Government's efforts to reduce the number of people coming to live, work and study here from abroad.
10/10/2016 17:01 BST
21st Century Socialism - What

21st Century Socialism - What Next?

Labour's highly successful conference has given us the term "21st Century Socialism" as a label to describe Corbyn's new political strategy. Cynics and plotters may observe that this term, rhetorically, performs the same role as "New Labour" - it looks back, but moves forward. But I really like it. Restoring socialism to the centre of public policy is a smart move that will advance political debate in this country.
03/10/2016 16:13 BST
What Brexit Means for Social

What Brexit Means for Social Justice

If we took these measures then perhaps we could grasp victory from the jaws of defeat. The current Conservative Party may be unlikely to take up any of these challenges, but perhaps others might seize this opportunity.
24/06/2016 15:54 BST
What is

What is Inclusion?

It's time we all joined this revolution. It's time we put behind us all the walls and exclusions. It's time we recognised the value of every human being. It's time to build a world where everybody matters. That's what inclusion means.
09/05/2016 15:48 BST