Dr Val Huet

art therapist, BAAT CEO, Organisational Consultant, research interest in work-related stress

Dr VAL HUET (BA Fine Arts (Sculpture), Diploma Group Psychotherapy, MA Art Therapy, MA Organisational Consultancy, PhD in Psychology) trained in Sculpture at Camberwell School of Art and qualified as an Art Therapist in 1986. She practised in Adult Psychiatry and later within a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and taught on the art therapy training at Goldsmiths’ college for twelve years. She is a qualified Group Psychotherapist and Organisational Consultant. Val is the Chief Executive Officer of the British Association of Art Therapists, a post she has held since 2003. She works as a consultant within organisations and as a private supervisor. She co-founded the Art Therapy Practice Research Network in 2000 and has been actively leading it since. Val has lectured internationally in France, Russia, Spain and Greece. She has been a board member of the London Arts in Health Forum since 2011. She is currently developing and researching an art therapy intervention for work-related stress and completed a PhD on the subject.
Val’s art practice remains active and at present focusses on life drawing.
Choosing Arts for

Choosing Arts for Life

I am well aware that choosing arts as a career is not necessarily an easy path and that many think this option is mostly for people with independent financial means who don't have to work for a living.
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