Dustin Benton

Policy director of Green Alliance, the UK’s leading environmental think tank

Dustin leads the Resource Stewardship theme at Green Alliance, the UK’s leading environmental think tank.

Previously, he ran the Climate and Energy Futures theme, focusing on Electricity Market Reform and energy efficiency, giving evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Committee in June 2012 on the draft Energy Bill. He also contributed to a public debate on pathways to a low-carbon 2050 hosted by DECC in early 2011.

Before joining Green Alliance, Dustin worked for the Campaign to Protect Rural England where he led work on the relationship between landscape protection, climate change, and new energy infrastructure. He also led on the future of land use, and was a key contributor to CPRE’s Vision for the countryside, which provides a long-term perspective on how the countryside should be managed in light of increasing demands on the land.

He holds an MA in political thought and theory from the University of Birmingham and an MA in international relations and French from the University of St Andrews.