Edward Lowe

Economist, Author

Ed is a recent graduate from the University of Oxford studying Economics & Management, with a keen interest in technology, start ups and business strategy. He is currently working as an Economist at Valpak Consulting. In his spare time he is a sports fanatic, a keen follower of Aston Villa and Leeds Rhinos. He has a published book titled 'CTFC - The Recent Years'.

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How Travel Is Becoming A Little Less Scary

What will this trend of increased app use mean for the future of travel? It is only going to become more connected as these platforms develop to become more available throughout the world, and wifi connections become the norm.
18/11/2016 12:20 GMT

"I Wonder How This Would Look" - The AR Revolution In Retail

Rather than thinking about how a product would look in your home, wouldn't it be incredible to actually see how it would look? Picturing the new sofa in your front room, the watch on your wrist, the car on your driveway would make the item even more tangible.
26/09/2016 10:12 BST

The Other Side Of The Big Data Equation

Business leaders need to focus on the people, their communications and meetings rather than the data itself. It is the way in which decision making is made that should be most influenced by data, but it is the hardest change to make.
23/08/2016 15:02 BST

Will Virtual Reality Change Travel?

Far removed from the days of holiday brochures, with three or four images of a hotel as the only guide to a two weeks stay, customer's demands for information regarding their accommodation is growing forever more ravenous.
03/08/2016 16:43 BST

Five Lessons About Starting a Business in a Developing Country

There is no doubt about it; social enterprise is a hot topic right now. Balancing making profit with having a positive impact on the world is something that many entrepreneurs are striving for, and increasingly leading them to focus on some of the world's developing nations.
02/06/2016 10:08 BST

The Power of Business Mentoring

Whilst volunteering with Challenges Worldwide in Zambia earlier this year, I was placed on a project with in-country volunteer Emmanuel, a recent graduate. Beyond being a great personality to be around, he had this strong hunger to learn and improve despite having little previous experience in business, particularly in a consultancy role.
12/05/2016 12:10 BST

Building Businesses Not Schools: The New Face of Development

How is working in one business going to make a dent in the development problem of Zambia? It will have a tiny impact on its own. But add up all those tiny impacts, and it is estimated that 500 businesses will be helped by Challenges Worldwide across Africa over the next three years, influencing the lives of 250,000 people. One small step at a time, and the new face of volunteering can help to give developing nations the tools to reach economic prosperity on their own.
07/03/2016 11:57 GMT

The UK Government's Digital Strategy is Vital to Technology in Britain

The government needs to not rest on its laurels of the previous Digital strategy, but continue to strive to support the Digital industries in every way possible. The Digital Strategy will be an important document in setting these priorities. I urge all companies and public bodies to contribute their ideas to this plan to produce a more cohesive and meaningful strategy.
13/01/2016 17:36 GMT

Driverless Cars Could Transform the Lives of Disabled People

One of the benefits often included in the 'long list' rather than the headlines of driverless cars is the independence driverless cars could give to people with a whole array of disabilities. This effect could be the way that society is most changed by the introduction of this incredible new technology.
08/01/2016 17:20 GMT

Five Technology Trends That Will Define 2016

Across a wide number of technologies, 2016 could be the breakthrough year where inventions excitably talked about by the media and the industry become placed into the hands of the mass market. Here are the potential top trends for 2016.
30/12/2015 09:17 GMT

Sky Is About to Change TV Again

Like Apple, their ability to see the direction of the market and deliver the product to meet consumer needs is unparalleled in the TV industry. Therefore, it seems likely that Sky Q will set a new standard for the TV experience.
22/11/2015 23:30 GMT

Can Facebook Deal With the Rise of the 'Golden Oldies'?

Mark Zuckerberg should be smiling from ear to ear, right? Whilst obviously happy with these results, there is a nagging concern that Facebook is still grappling with. The platform is not attracting the younger generation, who are turning their backs to the platform in favour of alternatives like Twitter and Instagram (albeit the latter is also owned by Facebook).
09/11/2015 10:04 GMT