Edwina Dunn

CEO of Starcount Chair of Your Life & Founder of The Female Lead

Edwina Dunn co-founded the data analytics company dunnhumby with her husband Clive Humby in 1989. The pair took data generated from retailers' check-outs and turned it into bespoke marketing intelligence; today they are credited with redefining the relationship between retailers and customers worldwide.

They began working with Tesco in 1995 and helped to transform the business with the creation of the Tesco Clubcard. Fifteen years later they sold their final 10% stake in the business for £48m.

Edwina is now CEO of digital insight business Starcount, bringing her unparalleled experience in customer loyalty to the social media & digital industry. Starcount uniquely, and dynamically, measures the global tastes and trends of 1.7 billion people across 12 of the world’s largest social networks, before applying a progressive view of data science to help brands navigate their social media journey.

Edwina is also chair of Your Life, the industry-led and Government-backed organisation aimed at transforming people's attitudes to studying Maths and Physics.

Edwina also spearheads The Female Lead - a campaign that champions a diverse range of female role models, promoting the voices and experiences of women from around the world and using these stories to support the life and career aspirations of young women.