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Eilidh French

Foreign and Commonwealth Student Brand Ambassador

20 year student studying Arabic and History at the University of Edinburgh.

South Luangwa: Home To The World's Best Safari

If you want the real bush experience, Zambia's South Luangwa is the place to get it; since I was a child it has held a life-long enchantment over me. Focused around the lifeblood of the Luangwa River, it is a vast area covering 9,059 km2 of almost untouched ecological diversity.
14/02/2017 11:42 GMT

How To Nail A City Break

Cultural holidays. For some, the phrase raises the image of trailing around an ancient city in 30 degree plus heat, sweating profusely and desperate for a glass of water. For others, it's hours spent idling over a single Goya and eating ice cream on sun-baked pavements.
11/01/2017 17:29 GMT

The Big Five: How To Avoid Annoying the Locals When Abroad

With the rise of budget airlines and more affordable air travel prices, you can now go anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, despite its many positives this 'travel globalisation' has created its own problems.
19/12/2016 12:28 GMT

Seven Things I Wish I'd Known Before Becoming An Au Pair

Choosing to spend a month of my summer Au Pairing in Geneva was arguably one of the best yet most terrifying decisions I have ever made. I was putting myself into the hands of a strange family, who I found through an online agency and then Skyped with once (a situation which felt it could quite easily star in its own Catfish episode)...
06/12/2016 13:22 GMT

Malawi: Big Heart, Small Country

Malawi is one of those places where those who have never been don't understand its unique charm, and for those who have, it continues to capture their imaginations. Having grown up there and become used to its various quirks and differences, I can vouch for this. So why does Malawi, one of Africa's smallest countries , continue to be home for even those who have long left it?
22/11/2016 12:29 GMT