Ekim Saribardak

Aerial Photographer and Videomaker, Certified Drone Pilot

Ekim Saribardak has been in love with technology and gadgets since he first got a computer in 1990. He is a computer programmer with 15 years experience and he's a computer sciences graduate. He likes experimenting and reviewing all kinds of tech devices including cameras, drones, GPS devices, tablets and computer components.

He has been designing and developing web pages since 2000. He has been designing, building and flying drones (also known as UAV, multi-rotor, quadcopter) since 2010 and he had experience with many drones from different manufacturers. He enjoys taking aerial photos and videos all around the world. He has been blogging on topics related to drones lately and enjoys it so much.

In 2016 He has created Drone Tube, a website designed for sharing aerial drone videos. Drone Tube has thousands of followers and subscribers on different social platforms, sharing the latest information on drones with each other.

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