Eleanor Coales

Yoga and health blogger interested in scientifically backed nutrition, health and wellness

Hi there! I am Eleanor, a BSc student with a passion for food, fitness and looking after the planet. You’ll find me in the great outdoors, on the yoga mat or in the gym when I’m not in the kitchen.

Welcome wellbeing warriors!
I created Green+Aquamarine as a hub for living life to the full, consciously. My goal is to live as happily, healthily and sustainably as possible and I want you to do that too! I have always loved being in the kitchen and enjoy sharing recipes for you to try, whatever your budget. Alongside this, look out for product, classes and challenge reviews to help you try new things and expand your boundaries.
To round it off, I also write about my yoga and fitness journeys. I have been so inspired by these communities and love the way health bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers are getting together and making big changes.

Authenticity and transparency is so important to me as a blogger, and so I will always be honest on this platform. I eat a largely plant based diet, but don’t label myself as anything. I will occasionally eat meat when it is offered to me and from sustainable, traceable sources, and will eat small amounts of dairy. I have access to eggs from chickens visible from my house and local organic producers, which I am so grateful for when I need a little extra protein! I will always say when I have used animal products in my recipes and posts.

I love real, fresh, whole foods. Give me grains, sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados (cliche, I know) and I will be happy. I credit my clean bill of health to the variety of nutrients and macros that I eat every day. I'm not perfect, and I probably treat myself more than I should, but I am happy to be in a position where I have a healthy relationship with both my food and my body.

If you wish to follow me, you can follow my blog link, or find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Happy reading!