Elle-Rose Williams

Editor of travel blog: The World and Then Some. Freelance writer and social media manager.

Elle-Rose Williams is the Online Editor of 365Brides.com and a Freelance Writer and Content Manager. She is currently working her way around the world "nomad style" and you can read about her travels here: The World and Then Some.

When she's not hard at work, you will find her travelling the world - or sleeping.

The Growth of Women in Male-Dominated Industries

As a young woman, and a young professional - I never really felt like my gender came into the equation. Maybe it's because I grew up around strong women and incredible examples - maybe it's because I've never let my gender define what I could or couldn't do.
24/02/2016 12:20 GMT

Is the Apple Watch a Good Travel Accessory?

One thing it would be great for during travelling if starting conversations. As with anything new of exciting, the watch is a fantastic conversation opener. Which when you're travelling is fantastic to have.
14/07/2015 09:16 BST

Photography Tips From an Instagram Superstar

He is no-doubt one of Instagram's rising stars, and with a follower count of over 250,000 it's not hard to see why. His photos are breath-taking, thought-provoking and sometimes just pure magic.
12/06/2015 15:33 BST

How to Spend a Weekend in Paris

Paris happens to be one of the easiest places to get to from London, in fact you can get there in the same time it'd take you to get up to Leeds or Manchester. You don't even need to board a plane... which is awesome for people like me who would rather give the stress of the airport a miss if it's only a weekend getaway.
20/04/2015 12:40 BST

Personally Recommended: A Hotel for Every Kind of Person in NYC

Even during our 4th visit to the city in early January, my partner and I were still struggling to fit in everything we wanted to see. Because every time we get to NYC there are new things to do, old things to revisit and favourite places we just need to cram in.
30/01/2015 11:32 GMT

Spending Money in the Wrong Places.... How to Live the High-Life for Less.

By re-jigging your spending habits, you can spend the same amount of money (or less) and get so much more for it. Essentially having a luxury holiday for less cash. This is how I've been travelling for years - knowing exactly where I want to spend money, and exactly where we can opt for cheap (without it effecting too much).
30/01/2015 11:24 GMT

The Most Magical New Year in NYC

Sure, we didn't do the average 'Times Sq and Ball Drop' shenanigans - but we lived it up in the city all the same and it was incredible. But before going to NYC I felt like the only option for celebrating 'NYC-Style' was to cram into Times Sq. But I didn't really feel like doing that.
27/01/2015 15:58 GMT

Five Ways to Finance Your Travel Lifestyle

As a travel blogger, I'm always asked about money, and how I finance a lifestyle of travelling - and it's definitely a topic that lots of people want to know about. And whilst I have my own tried and tested ways (which I'll mentioned below) there are lots of other ways I know have worked for other bloggers and other travellers too.
27/11/2014 14:06 GMT

The Best Places to Feel Festive This Year in London

For me, the festive season is when being a Londoner really starts to pay off. It's a beautiful city at the best of times, but during the festive season the city really takes on a new lease of life.
17/11/2014 14:00 GMT

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Travellers And Travel Lovers

As a traveller myself, when Christmas rolls around, my wish-list is usually full of things that are going to make travelling easier, more comfortable, more enjoyable or more memorable. And the great thing about buying for someone who loves travel, is the sheer amount of great accessories, techy-bits and fashion they'll love.
13/11/2014 11:49 GMT

The Best Romantic Experiences in Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn't just for 20-somethings and bachelor parties. Despite what the Hollywood film industry would have you believe. There are some absolutely beautiful locations in the city perfect for romancing a partner...
28/10/2014 10:46 GMT

The Realities of Being a Londoner

Where I do live is London. The next best thing. The amazing, outstanding, cultural city (which I don't need a green card to reside in). And I know, that to many people, their NYC is London. They dream of living here, they dream of the cobbled streets, and of The Thames, and of the georgian houses - the same way I dream of Central Park and Bagels and Union Square.
24/10/2014 14:31 BST

The Best Retailers for Curvy Ladies This Winter

Even as a big-busted size 12 or 14 - shopping for elegant winter clothes can be near impossible, and I imagine it gets harder and harder as the size chart goes up. I'm a size 16 and I find most chunky knits make me look like a cotton wool ball with legs.
24/10/2014 13:15 BST

List of Top Travel Blogs - Rising Stars of 2014

Some of these top travel blogs are jam-packed full of beautiful imagery (nothing better to whisk you away from your office desk for a few minutes!) and others are beautiful descriptive narratives, you'll want to re-read again and again.
20/10/2014 14:19 BST

How to Make the Most of Your Summer

With the exception of the (pretty miserable) weather here in the UK, summer seems to be well and truly on it's way. We've got the festival season starting, the BBQ aisle in the supermarket stocked up and ready to go - and even the deck chairs in London parks are out there for people to enjoy (if you're brave enough in this weather).
04/06/2014 13:13 BST

Which Holiday Accommodation Is Right for You?

The more I travel, the more I begin to appreciate my own personal space - wherever it is that I happen to be visiting. Whether it's a hotel, a villa or an apartment, it's becoming more important to be where we stay and not just where we are.
29/11/2013 10:03 GMT

The Best Places for a UK Winter Break

There are so many beautiful cities in the UK for a romantic, wintery weekend away. Having just come back from a year travelling the world - I'm fully embracing winter this year, as having spent last year in the southern hemisphere, it was all cider and BBQs last Christmas.
07/10/2013 14:14 BST

Am I Too Old for Trick or Treating?

Sure I can't go knocking on neighbours doors asking for candy anymore (that'd be a bit weird wouldn't it?) I can look out for halloween themed events. Which means I still get to wear my fake fangs. Win!
04/10/2013 13:34 BST