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Food and Travel Writer at Catch52

Catch52 is a London based Food & Travel blog, giving you the hidden gems and dishes around London as well as local cuisines and places to stay around the world! Catch52 was created in 2014 as a 52-week bucket list project with the intention of encouraging people to go out and experience new things. The concept was to explore something new each week of the year. The blog has since grown rapidly and is now a trusted resource for travel and restaurant tips. I explore all styles from budget to luxury, come and explore with me!
Top Things To Do In

Top Things To Do In Edmonton

Edmonton is one of Canada's fastest growing cities with over one million residents and is also known to be Canada's sunniest city. Being located in Alberta, Edmonton is a big city with country side roots that offers a cool mixture of old versus new. I got to spend some time there back in September and here are my top things to do in Edmonton.
13/11/2017 10:18 GMT
Top Three Hong Kong Restaurants On A

Top Three Hong Kong Restaurants On A Budget

Last year Hong Kong effortlessly earned a spot in my top 3 cities in the world, alongside New York and Melbourne. What do all three cities have in common? The answer is amazing food.
05/07/2017 12:46 BST