Emily Sargent

Writer, reader, enjoys videos of people falling over

Writer, reader, enjoys videos of people falling over

Turning 25

Since I turn 25 next weekend, I thought I'd do some light research into quarter-century bucket lists. Not that I'm dying (physically), but it's always good to know what you should have achieved by now.
17/09/2013 17:21 BST
Tips for the

Tips for the Heat

I am not coping well with the heat. I am dewy, swollen and weak. As I can, I am recording my thoughts. I don't know how long I have left, so whilst I can lift my fingers to the keypad, I will continue to communicate. The battery in my hand-held fan is waning. As it loses power, so do I.
22/07/2013 17:52 BST

Festival Essentials

Who do you think you are speaking to Re. 'Festival Essentials'? Since I'll be attending Bestival this September, I thought I'd see what you have to offer. Here are some of your suggested inclusions...
27/06/2013 12:48 BST
Two Gay

Two Gay Queens

Finally! A politician who speaks my language! Who understands my needs! Finally, if all goes to plan, next summer I can marry my mum! Thank you, Lord Tebbit. People said - 'you're gay? I presume you'll be wed to your mother then?' To which I replied, 'you betcha! After all, lesbianism is just another word for tax-avoiding incest, isn't it?!'
23/05/2013 17:35 BST
TV: The

TV: The Apprentice

I like the opening five minutes of <em>The Apprentice</em> the best I think. Mainly because of the contestants' VTs; which this year contained some very bold and arousing statements. "I am a great of my generation. I take inspiration from Napoleon," so says a small man wearing ladies sunglasses.
09/05/2013 15:57 BST
TV: My Super Sweet

TV: My Super Sweet 16

This interval is a retrospective on My Super Sweet 16, mainly because - and don't be coy - we can all relate. I mean who hasn't turned their face to the gold ceiling fan, tears streaming down flushed cheeks, and collapsed to the floor whilst their mother wails: "Don't give up hope! This will be ok, we will get you that hot air balloon entrance."
07/05/2013 13:21 BST

TV: Masterchef

Today's the day. It's here. STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING. It's the Masterchef final.
02/05/2013 11:59 BST
TV: The Voice

TV: The Voice UK

Jessie is hilarious. I like when she fingers her buzzer like Mystic Meg on a lot of cocaine. She also cannot physically allow another vocal to take centre stage for more than 4.5 minutes I've noticed.
26/04/2013 11:29 BST
Gay Marriage and Conor

Gay Marriage and Conor Marron

Conor and James have set up a rival petition against one hoping to prevent same-sex marriage from being legalised in the UK - the Coalition for Marriage (C4M). It's a relatively harmless looking movement upon first inspection, but its suggestions about the effect of gay relationships on society become increasingly disturbing as you trawl their website.
10/12/2012 11:39 GMT
'Doing a

'Doing a Newcastle'

Newcastle City Council's Labour leader Nick Forbes claims he has no choice but to axe much of the Council's arts spend; but is he instead trying to execute a dangerous bid for more government money by holding the city's culture hostage?
10/12/2012 11:24 GMT
Three Dates

Three Dates In

I always wondered before I came out what the first date would be like. I figured I'd probably wear a nice Ted Baker shirt and she'd be at the bar rocking a crew cut. I was confused when this didn't fill me with a sense of thrill. Apparently my imagination was aggressively stunted until I moved to Brighton four weeks ago.
09/11/2012 16:16 GMT