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Emily Spiegel

Trends Specialist at WGSN

With a master’s degree in History of Fashion from New York University, Emily Spiegel joined WGSN to explore how cultural and consumer trends relate to contemporary fashion. While at WGSN, Emily helped bring several products to market, including its consultancy services, WGSN Mindset and the Vogue Archive. She currently works on the brand team, developing original content devoted to how trends can help businesses gain competitive advantage.
How Do You Forecast A

How Do You Forecast A Trend?

One thing is for sure, millennials are not like their parents. Or their parents' parents. They've challenged traditional notions of everything from religion, to professions and marriage. And with this disruption, they've pioneered previously unthinkable markets, like the sharing economy and online dating.
02/11/2017 14:58 GMT