Emily Thornberry

Labour candidate for Islington South and shadow foreign secretary

Labour candidate for Islington South and shadow foreign secretary

If Anyone Has Proved Themselves Strong And Stable In This Campaign, It's Jeremy Corbyn

In these final hours of campaigning, I would just say to all those undecided voters, please take a look at what we're promising on schools, hospitals, social care, early years, pensioner incomes, homes, wages, benefits, transport, energy and the environment, and how we will pay for it. But if you still have doubts because of your concerns over terrorism and security, over Brexit and the economy, and over the future leadership of this country, just please ask yourself these questions...
07/06/2017 16:53 BST

Is the Demise of This Failed Programme Austerity's Silver Lining?

So how helpful has 'Help to Work' actually been? Not very. In fact, figures released for the first time just a few days before Christmas showed that, of the 35,390 people that have started a "community work placement" since joining the scheme, a mere 1,670 have moved into sustained work as a result. That's a success rate of 4.7%, which even by this government's standards is shockingly poor.
30/12/2015 23:46 GMT

Tory Cuts Are Undermining the Right to a Minimum Wage

You've probably heard a lot of rhetoric from the Tories about this supposedly "high-wage economy" they're creating. If you have, it might surprise you to hear that there are almost a quarter of a million working people in the UK getting paid less than the legal minimum to which they are entitled. Sports Direct may be just the tip of the iceberg.
11/12/2015 17:24 GMT

Welfare Reform and Why Single Mums Should Be Worried

The whirlwind passage of the Government's Welfare Reform and Work Bill continues this week, its feet momentarily touching the ground in the House of Lords. Anyone worried about the disturbing implications for single mums will watching the Lords closely, hoping the Bill gets the rough ride it deserves.
18/11/2015 18:04 GMT

More Bad News for Young People

We owe this generation so much more than vapid rhetoric about how they've never had it so good. They should demand more of their so-called leaders in this out of touch Tory Government.
13/11/2015 09:30 GMT

Despite Big Promises on the NHS, The Tories' Record Speaks for Itself

To hear Jeremy Hunt tell it, there's nothing but good news for the NHS these days. Last week we were invited to look forward to a future health service where the nurses take Zumba classes and the patients update their own medical records via FitBit. Just like the frequently promised, never delivered "seven day NHS", it's not immediately clear what any of this is actually supposed to achieve beyond a couple of days' worth of headlines. The real news in recent days, although the headlines might have missed it, tells a different story.
07/09/2015 17:55 BST

Social Care on the Cliff-Edge

This week, reports warned that some of the country's largest care home providers may be at risk of financial collapse as a result of the government's recent increase in the minimum wage. Sadly this didn't come as a surprise, since it's widely known both that social care providers are chronically under-funded and carers are chronically under-paid. But the warnings did offer a timely reminder of the larger crisis facing social care, of which staffing costs are just the tip of the iceberg.
21/08/2015 17:32 BST

The Shocking Report the Tories Hoped Working Women Wouldn't See

David Cameron may have generated a few headlines recently when he argued, in an article in the <em>Times</em>, that for those advocating gender equality "there has been a recent slew of good news". But the reality is somewhat different... Notwithstanding its rather clunky title, "<em>Pregnancy and Maternity-Related Discrimination and Disadvantage</em>", the paper included some shocking findings. Interviews with more than 3,200 women about their experiences of being pregnant at work, or returning to their jobs after giving birth, found that 11% reported having been dismissed, forced to take redundancy or treated so badly that they felt they had no choice but to resign.
27/07/2015 16:29 BST

Lies, Damn Lies and the Welfare Debate

So in the interest of setting the record straight, I've picked out my top seven tall Tory tales (there are many more than seven, but as space is limited I've kept myself to the worst offenders) and put them together with the actual facts. Without a willing handmaiden in the Murdoch press empire to help me, I'm relying on you to spread the word...
13/07/2015 17:43 BST

Making a Mess of the EU Referendum

If we must have a referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union, the least we can do is to make sure that it's conducted to a higher standard than this Bill provides for. It's time for the government to go back to the drawing board on the EU referendum.
10/06/2015 08:59 BST

GP Crisis Becoming Steadily Worse

David Cameron may have promised to deliver a seven-day NHS, but how is that going to work? They didn't have a plan to fund this policy at the time they announced it (as Labour pointed out) and they still don't seem to have a plan now. As if that's not damaging enough to the government's credibility, let's also bear in mind that Cameron made the exact same promise during a General Election campaign five years ago. Look how that turned out. Now that the Tories have a governing majority it's time for them to get behind their campaign slogans and get a grip on the crisis our GP surgeries are now facing.
02/06/2015 17:21 BST

The Queen's Speech - Your Rights at Stake

Having barely scraped back into Downing Street after fighting one of the dirtiest election campaigns in British political history, the Cameron cabinet is now putting the final touches on a Queen's speech that is likely to unveil one of the most radical - and dangerous - agendas that any government has sought to push through in decades. Now that the Tories are off the leash, the rights we take for granted every day - rights to privacy and free speech included - are under threat. Repealing the Human Rights Act and threatening to withdraw from the ECHR could well be nothing more than a warm-up act.
24/05/2015 22:01 BST

Don't Be Hoodwinked on Human Rights

As we brace ourselves for the first majority Tory government in 18 years, it's worth reflecting on what's at stake as the party prepares to drive through another radical agenda, this time at the MoJ, with a deeply divisive figure leading the charge
15/05/2015 17:41 BST

Social Housing and the Future of Islington

It's often been said that politics in Islington, in many ways, begins and ends with housing, and it's not hard to see why. Despite the borough's image of exclusivity - the stereotype that it's all Georgian squares and cappuccino bars - the reality is much more complex.
06/05/2015 11:53 BST

Food Banks - A Powerful Symbol of Five Years of Failure

With less than two weeks until election day, the increasing prevalence of poverty in the UK is something everyone should reflect on and consider. This election is so important because, in many ways, the fundamental question facing voters is what kind of society we want to be.
27/04/2015 17:33 BST

Cameron's Half-Baked Assault Would Leave Our Rights and International Standing in Tatters

As the former attorney general, Dominic Grieve, has said, this would be an utterly puerile way for the United Kingdom to conduct itself on the international stage... David Cameron and his fellow Tories often like to pay homage to Winston Churchill and the war-time generation, yet in their deeds they seem determined to take an axe to the treaties, the courts and institutions that were their legacy. Any party that believes that trading in not just our fundamental rights but our place in the post-1945 international order just to hoover up a few votes off Ukip in the Clacton by-election is not fit for office.
03/10/2014 16:36 BST

The Human Rights Act: A Charter for Victims, Not Villains

With all the hullabaloo coming from the Tories about human rights, it's too easy to forget that the 1998 Act recognised rights of the victims of crime long denied under English law. If we were to allow the Chris Grayling and his cronies to tear up the Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights from which it is derived, we would set back the cause of victims' rights by decades.
09/12/2013 17:39 GMT

Legal Aid: The Questions That Grayling Must Answer

Chris Grayling may have been forced into a humiliating climb-down on his plans to eliminate client choice from criminal legal aid, but don't jump for joy just yet. It's just one battle in a war on many fronts. Other aspects of his legal aid reforms are just as egregious and he shows no sign of backing down on them. Today, Grayling will be appearing before the Justice Select Committee for a grilling by a panel of MPs. Questions that MPs on the committee should ask him include...
03/07/2013 09:01 BST

Predatory Paedophiles Like Hall Do Not Deserve Lenience

On Monday I wrote to the attorney general, Dominic Grieve, to ask him to consider whether or not the 15-month sentence handed down to Stuart Hall for multiple sexual assaults on young girls was unduly lenient. If he agrees with me that it is, he will refer it to the Court of Appeal who can then decide to increase the sentence. I believe it is his public duty to refer.
18/06/2013 08:22 BST