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Emily Tredget

Mum, Founder of MummyLinks and Mental Health Campaigner

Mum of one, Emily founded MummyLinks - the safe place to meet mums locally - after suffering loneliness and Post Natal Depression. Before motherhood Emily studied at Oxford University, worked as a Strategy Consultant, and then spent nearly 5 years in Supply Chain Management at innocent drinks. But she found the transition from career girl to motherhood very difficult - particularly feeling lonely. So she is now passionate about helping all mums to create a great support network locally to them. MummyLinks helps mums meet locally for ad-hoc playdates, safely - it is invite/approval only. Emily is also an advocate for maternal mental health, working tirelessly to reduce the stigma and raise awareness. She launched the #ShoutieSelfie campaign in May 2017 which was a great success. She has also created a number of videos including the brutally honest: If you would like to join the MummyLinks community please ask to join the facebook group to hear more:
Five Mum Hacks For An Easier

Five Mum Hacks For An Easier Life

This may be obvious to you - it's something I've always done even before kids, but having spoken to a family member who has NEVER batch cooked and frozen I thought I'd share it! There are some great kid friendly meals that works very well. Our favourites are bolognese, chicken casserole, chilli, curry and even easier - buying frozen fish fillets that quickly microwave!
13/11/2017 11:51 GMT
Five Things To Do With Your Child In The 48 Hours After A

Five Things To Do With Your Child In The 48 Hours After A Bug

As summer turns to autumn the lovely green trees turn red and brown...but unfortunately at some point in this season our lovely children go from a sun-kissed glow to pale and green. It's bug time people! I'm not talking the crusty noses and coughs. I'm talking stomach bugs. Horrible, icky, stomach bugs.
19/10/2017 15:13 BST
Five Reasons You Need Mum

Five Reasons You Need Mum Friends

Not stuck at work an hours commute away. They can pop round at a moment's notice (well maybe not quite a moment - it's not easy getting a baby out at lightning speed!) So when your baby has pooed through ALL your nappies in one morning, they can drop some spares rounds.
29/09/2017 11:27 BST
Can Loneliness Lead To Post Natal

Can Loneliness Lead To Post Natal Depression?

I hated picturing a mum like I was, stuck at home feeling like she just wants to get out and have some adult conversation - but with nobody local to meet. Let's face it, when you aren't feeling confident some of those baby classes just make it worse! But meeting a fellow mum for a coffee, or soft play, or at the park. That might just be manageable.
08/09/2017 13:08 BST