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Emma Brooke

From fear to love...falling madly in love with life

Emma Brooke is a life coach and counsellor trained in psychotherapy, mindfulness, meditation and yoga, working online with people all over the world to bring more love and happiness into their lives, and less fear, anger and sadness.

What To Do If You Don't Know What Your Life Purpose Is

This can feel so overwhelming and frustrating because it makes you feel like you're wasting your life; coasting through with no idea why you're on the planet. A lack of purpose in life is a really common cause for depression.
25/10/2016 15:05 BST

What's Your Ritual?

Write down all your 'in-the-moment' moments - all the times you can remember where you've felt in control, in the zone, completely chilled or otherwise awesome. Think back to holidays, your most stressful times and times when you've been alone with your thoughts.
19/05/2014 13:25 BST

This Is What Happens When You Do Too Much...

These are the people who walk in to street lights because they're writing that oh-so-important-if-I-don't-send-it-right-now-the-whole-world-will-come-crashing-down-and-I'll-spend-the-rest-of-me-life-eating-beans-on-toast-for-dinner email on their phone and not looking where they're going.
07/04/2014 14:50 BST

Overwhelmed? Here's a Blueprint for Creating the Life You Want

I hate making resolutions because I'm always changing my mind on what on I want to do. I evolve as the world around me evolves. I do however, have a big picture goal and a system I use to prevent me feeling completely overwhelmed by all the things I want to do, so I thought I'd share it with you today.
16/01/2014 11:17 GMT

I Always Thought I'd Be Too Materialistic to Be a Minimalist, Until Now

Despite all the temptations of London living, I realised over Christmas that, at least at heart, I am a minimalist. I crave the simple life. I love being in Wales where my days are spent writing, doing yoga and walking dogs and feeding horses. So over the holiday period, I thought up a couple of little tips to help you get more minimalist...
30/12/2013 14:17 GMT

Five Tips to Survive the Holidays

I'm the first to admit that for those of you who have families to support, families with expectations of lovely presents wrapped in shiny paper for the cat / dog / tortoise to try to eat off overnight, the run up to Christmas is nothing but scary stress and you can't wait for it to be over.
09/12/2013 17:26 GMT

How to Meet People and Make Friends (or Not!)

I can't tell you if this will change me fundamentally for ever and ever as a person or whether it will just open my eyes a bit more to peoples' humanity and reduce my own insecure need to 'not put myself out there' for fear of rejection, but I have noticed that I've made a lot more friends in the past couple of weeks.
03/12/2013 12:44 GMT

Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

My work teaches us how to listen to our intuition; to learn to trust our hearts and that we're on the right path. No matter how much I try to fight it, I know I should be helping people. When I talk about my work, you hear an excitement in my voice you never hear when I talk about my corporate role. 
04/11/2013 14:22 GMT

Five Ways to Tell Your Friends Are Keepers

Here's what surprised me about my friends - they knew me a lot better than I gave them credit for. So here's a list of the five things that showed me how amazing my friends are...
28/10/2013 11:44 GMT

Why Meditating Sucks, But You Should Do It Anyway

Do NOT go on a meditation retreat if you've never meditated before. It will hurt your brain. It will hurt your brain so hard you'll think it's trying to give birth to acorns out of your ears and, whilst you could probably make quite a bit of money as a circus act doing that, IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY.
22/10/2013 10:17 BST

No (Wo)man is an Island

Sometimes things don't come easy. <strong>Sometimes life's hard</strong>. In those times, inspiration people rally together and pick each other up. Tell their war stories and remind each other why they're doing what they do.
16/04/2012 12:09 BST

Focusing the Eyes to Calm the Mind With Yoga

Next time you do your yoga, or take some time for yourself, sit quietly and focus your eyes softly on one thing - maybe a candle, your finger tips, toes or the space between your eyebrows, but let the mind settle there, blinkered from all the other stuff going on around it.
16/04/2012 12:01 BST