Emma Jackson

Sociologist and writer

Indie Music's Women Problem and Retrospective Sexism

As a young woman in a band I was patronised by sound men, literally kicked by roadies who saw us sitting down in a corridor and assumed we were groupies when we were locked out of our dressing room at Brixton Academy. I was laughed at for being ugly in the music press. The NME said they would put our band, Kenickie, (three 18-year-old women and one guy) on the cover if we got naked and painted ourselves gold.
19/10/2015 14:41 BST

'Academic Assholes', Early Career Researchers and Peer Support

My argument is, to (ahem) paraphrase Karl Marx, that we make our own choices about whether to be jerks or not, but not in the conditions of our choosing. We (Post-docs, PhD Students, lecturers that are just starting out) find ourselves in an insanely competitive job market where temporary contracts are on the increase.
05/03/2013 15:03 GMT

Welfare Reform, Homelessness and the Research Time-Lag

It is highly unlikely that cutting off benefits would stop all desperate young people leaving intolerable domestic circumstances. In places like London, we could expect to see an increase in youth street homelessness. Meanwhile, those who do stay at home and are at risk from their own families or peers would be left stuck in an unsafe situation.
26/06/2012 10:44 BST

The PANK Pound?

Being a 33-year-old exhibiting no signs of reproduction has taught me a lot about how far feminism still has to go and about the expectations of the current moment, expectations about what being a woman is, or indeed about what being a proper person is.
06/03/2012 22:07 GMT

The Riots, the Aftermath and the Role of Sociology

The night of the Tottenham riots I was leaving to catch a plane. On holiday, I texted friends and worried about what was going on. As well as the concerns for people in my adopted home city, there was also a nagging feeling that I was missing something.
17/09/2011 14:55 BST

What Kind of an Academic Year are we in for?

A lot of questions hang over the next academic year. And while I can't say I'm feeling optimistic, there is also hope in the discussions that are taking place. There was hope in the occupations and on the marches. And while the corridors of the university might be oh so quiet, UCU members are being balloted on industrial action.
17/08/2011 19:37 BST

The Mammogram and the Pink Cancer

In the Bath Half Marathon this year I found myself running next to someone with a big foam boob strapped from neck to waist. It's all a bit 'Carry on Cancer'.
10/08/2011 14:38 BST