Emma Reed

Blogger and Author of 'Your Teething Baby, from one parent to another'

I am a full time Mum to my two year old son. I decided to write my book 'Your Teething Baby, from one parent to another' due to my son's experience through this development. I found that clear information about what was available, what may work, what true symptoms there are and how to cope with each one was difficult to come across. I wanted to create a one stop book to provide all the information a parent may need during a very painful process. I self published my book with Amazonin February 2016. It is available as a paperback copy for £10.99 and as a kindle edition for £6.50.
I blog about our life, experiences, DIY, parenting, my opinions and I do the occasional review.
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Parenting Ways: The Choice Is

Parenting Ways: The Choice Is Yours

People may question why I don't work, they may even assume that I am putting extra pressure on my husband, they may think I have nothing to talk about other than my child, they may question how we can afford nice day's out and holidays, but judgment will not stop me being the stay at home Mum that I need and want to be
11/11/2016 12:44 GMT
It Will All Come Together In

It Will All Come Together In Time

However, after attempting the potty training twice earlier this year and quickly giving up I am turning this whole article around and using it to say please just wait until your little one is ready; and this is not only true for toilet training but for every milestone we are so eager for them to hit
31/10/2016 13:08 GMT
Children And

Children And Dogs

Molly was 12 when Jake was born and I can honestly tell you that she sulked. She refused to sit in the living room with us- believe me we tried and tried to reassure her with cuddles, treats, keeping her toys out and not letting the baby paraphernalia take over too much of the home too quickly.
17/10/2016 13:13 BST
The Guilty

The Guilty Parent

No one tells you that one of the many feelings you will get from becoming a parent is the over whelming guilt through almost everything that goes on in your week. It may sound odd, and to those without children it will sound insane, but I personally feel guilt more than any other emotion on some days
26/09/2016 13:06 BST
Time To Ditch The

Time To Ditch The Dummy?

Oh I've had the comments, even from strangers, about having 'that thing' in his mouth and I've had to defend it many a time, each time with me thinking 'why should I have to?!' Why do others think it is ok to judge the way we do things and our parenting choices?
20/09/2016 12:15 BST
My Open Apology To

My Open Apology To Parents

To all the people who became parents before me I give you this open apology, for I now know exactly what you have been through, why you are so tired and why being a stay at home parent is in fact the hardest job around.
16/09/2016 11:55 BST
First Time Parents: My Little Bit Of

First Time Parents: My Little Bit Of Advice

If you are expecting for the first time you may have a thousand questions, secret worries and be feeling bogged down with information coming from all directions. Suddenly everybody is a baby expert and thinks they know best. There are hundreds of baby books in the shops, classes to attend and health visitor leaflets. How can you take it all in?
13/09/2016 10:33 BST