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Emma Vogelmann

Employability Officer at Muscular Dystrophy UK and rights activist

Emma Vogelmann was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (a muscle-wasting condition) and uses an electric wheelchair. In 2009 she contracted swine flu which has left her requiring the use of a ventilator and needing 24 hour care. She is a law graduate, a disability rights campaigner, and Employability Officer at Muscular Dystrophy UK.

No Protection For Disabled Employers

I'm trying to start a campaign to get better support for disabled employers but in order to do this I need your help! I'm looking for people to share their experiences of problems with carers hired through a budget of any kind and how you went about dealing with it. I want to know if you had support or if you didn't, what support you would have found helpful. You will be kept anonymous if you prefer.
22/11/2016 12:22 GMT

The Silence Surrounding the Murders of Disabled People Is Deafening

Some of you will have read about the horrifying attack that took place at a disabled care home last week in Japan, and some of you will not. If you haven't, you're not a bad or uninformed person; you're the proof that this story did not receive adequate attention particularly from the Government.
03/08/2016 15:50 BST

Being Disabled Doesn't Have to Be a Tragedy

I went to see the film 'Me Before You' last week, not knowing how I would feel about it given the protests made by the disabled community and given that it was one of the first big 'Hollywood' films about an ordinary disabled person. I had seen 'The Theory of Everything' when it came out and, like everyone, I was in awe at the brilliance and determination of Stephen Hawking but I didn't feel that personally connected to his story. 'Me Before You' however, was entirely different.
04/07/2016 10:37 BST

Thanks George Osborne for Making Me a Disabled Rights Advocate

I didn't think twice about making my stance on the issue inescapably clear on Twitter or saying to you in this piece I'm disabled and the budget was unfair to me and those like me and I will now do everything I can to speak out against the unfairness faced by disabled people. So I guess I need to thank George Osborne for his spectacularly unfair budget because it created a new and highly motivated advocate for disabled rights. Me.
30/03/2016 08:24 BST

Stairs or Lift? Your Choice Can Make a Big Difference to a Disabled Student

I never intended to write about the way some young people treat me as a person in a wheelchair. I always thought it would either be seen as moaning or trying to make people feel sorry for me and I never wanted either. What has made me write now is the attitudes of some of the students I've encountered at university towards a seemingly small issue to them but of huge importance to me. Using the lift.
09/02/2016 16:15 GMT