Esther Hayden

Freelance journalist who concentrates on music and women in modern society

Esther Hayden is a freelance journalist who concentrates on music and women in modern society. As well as writing she is a musician and instrumental teacher, flitting around on the edges of notes and words. Previously she has published reviews and news articles for online publications, music magazines and the Herts Advertiser newspaper. In addition to this she writes a blog,, responding to news items and music in the age of X-Factor with humorous comment.

Breastfeeding, Brilliant But Not Easy

The take home message of any breastfeeding promo shouldn't seek to make mothers feel there is only one route. Simply put by Geraldine Miskin, author of Breastfeeding Made Easy, you have to bare in mind "it isn't always easy but all mums can do is their best, so they shouldn't be hard on themselves".
06/07/2016 13:21 BST

Why We Need to Start Taking Animal Rights Seriously

Social media is being overrun with petitions and protests against the Yulin dog meat festival in south-west China. It is impossible to avoid the sickening pictures of animals being burnt or skinned alive. But why should we care about animals when there are so many atrocities happening around the world?
25/06/2015 12:52 BST

Celebrity Big Brother The Non-Sexual S&M

If you strip CBB down to its basic format, it becomes quite depressing. The housemates are for the majority a product of the world we live in, in which any old Tom, Dick or Cami can have a camera pointed at them and be led to believe they are famous.
28/01/2015 11:19 GMT

Be Positive About Your Twenties

As you get into your 20s you often start to use other peoples lives as a marker of how grown up you feel. Whether it's people getting married, moving into their own place or getting a real adult job, there is always someone that makes you feel immature in comparison.
28/07/2014 13:54 BST

One Judgement Fits All?

Recently I walked into my local swimming pool at 6.30am. Among the swimmers wiping sleep from their eyes, there was one woman racing up, down, up, down, up, barely raising her head for breath. What assumptions are you already making about her? Keen? yes. Fit? clearly. Thin? no.
14/07/2014 13:50 BST

Are Men Pressured Into Promiscuity?

We often stigmatised, men for being the more sexually liberated gender, able to sleep with however many women they wish without ridicule. As the comments on this video have confirmed, people are still more willing to jump to conclusions about a womans sexual behaviour than a mans.
11/07/2014 15:29 BST

Women Role-Models In Film And TV

For those of you who have not seen <em>True Detectives</em>, the series starts in 1995 in Louisiana at a time when only 2% of police officers in the whole of the US were women. Indeed as befits the time much of the writing focuses on life through the eyes of the two lead male detectives so in fact I don't think it is surprising there is not a lot of focus on strong female role models.
29/04/2014 16:12 BST

Mid-Twenties Career Crisis

Today's society despite what many believe does pressure many young people to get a job quick, almost without thinking or caring what it is, just so you can say you have one. Sometimes it can be hard to take a moment to consider what could be the most important direction for your future career path.
22/04/2014 11:45 BST

The Modern Documentary

Reality TV in documentary style is now endemic over every station and picking up frequency, Sex, Singing And Not Spending Money could be the title used for nearly every one of these.
02/04/2014 15:32 BST

Giving A Veggie A Bad Name

Former Smith and Meat Is Murder singer, Morrissey has once again made his blinkered views known on meat eaters. Branding belief in the abattoir equal to support of Auschwitz, he has definitely taken a step in making vegetarianism appear like an extremist religion.
07/01/2014 10:46 GMT

People Should Be Stopped From Raising Dogs as Weapons

There are strong rules and regulations on weapons, and gun licencing laws in place, yet anyone, anywhere can go out and buy a puppy from a pet shop or breed from their dog, which could potentially grow to be a lethal weapon. These dogs are on our streets and, despite looking cute, can be as dangerous as a firearm.
13/11/2013 14:01 GMT

Graduates: Do We Only Live at Home for the Money?

Frequently in modern times the only context in which we read about young people is through the media portrayal of graduates in financial difficulty or with a lack of appropriate employment. But what about hard working youngsters, actively trying to achieve their goals?
16/10/2013 13:53 BST

Women In Music: BBC Proms Vs the Pop Queens

Flag waving, swaying, joining of hands, the Last Night of the Proms is one of the only events in the classical music calendar where strict rules on audience silence are broken. This year it is the 118th Last Night, but the first concert that will be conducted by a woman.
05/09/2013 13:55 BST

Gove Needs to Rethink GCSEs Retakes

Once again Michael Gove has not thought this through, how on earth can you force teenagers, especially those that are clearly not schools swots to attend extra lessons? A lot of the time those that fail are the kids that do not want to be in school, do not pay attention and don't do the work.
05/09/2013 11:37 BST

Stress Level Results Day

Students around the country have this week received life changing news. A-Level results have become one of the most important moments in a teenager's life, but does the burden piled on by these exams live up to the hype? And do the effects of that pressure on the individual last way after the results have been forgotten?
15/08/2013 20:39 BST

Why Are Women Still Treated as Sexual Objects?

While good grooming is not necessarily an indication of the immediate sexualisation of particular women, it does seem to be essential to a lot of people before we will listen to what they have to say. Women themselves are contributing to this, with hundreds a day taking to criticising others for their choice of outfit, when in actual fact they simply disagree with a point being made.
01/08/2013 10:21 BST