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Fariba Soetan

Mama blog writer of all things mixed heritage and parenting

Fariba Soetan is a thirty-something mum of three girls, aged 4, 2 and 7 months. I'm of mixed parentage myself- Iranian and English-, grew up in Canada and am now navigating the journey of being in a six year marriage to my Nigerian husband, raising my kids in London. Sounds complicated? Well, it is.

We’re on a journey- and it’s not always an easy one. Read more about Mixed.Up.Mama and my journey at and join the community of parents, mamas and mixed race kids.

Choosing State School Over Private School: Why Would You?

We all face the dilemma whether to send our kids to private or state school.  However, for most people it's not a dilemma. Paying out on average £6-8k a term - perhaps triple that if you have more than one child - is simply a privilege reserved for the better off.
16/06/2017 14:01 BST

"Brown Skin And Blonde Girls Only", Said My Daughter

Because keeping that conversational door open is one of the most important things to me. That she knows that she can ask anything of us- her parents- even if she suspects it's not a comfortable subject for many.
09/11/2016 16:47 GMT

Seven Reasons Why I Love My Mixed Race Family

Although there are the struggles that mixed race people feel when out in the world battling to 'fit in' and identify themselves in the carefully chosen boxes that exist, there's so much more that our mixed race kids will experience and can explore because of their multiple heritages. Here are a few of my favourites...
10/04/2016 21:13 BST

20 Best Diverse Toys for Your Multicultural Kids

It's all here, your go-to guide to buying the perfect toy for your multicultural kids. From dolls to figurines to bags, it's all here. And the best part? You don't need to order from across the pond! Click on the link at the bottom for the complete list with links to shops in the UK that will send to you direct.
02/03/2016 11:45 GMT

Why I Won't Be Watching the Oscars This Year

For me this year, the Oscars controversy has struck a very personal chord, not because I am any more interested in what goes on in Hollywood than I was last year. But rather, because my 4 year old daughter came home saying last week that she wants white skin.
26/01/2016 10:53 GMT

50 Shades of Brown: Raising Mixed Kids in a 'Colourist' World

Butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla, hot fudge and caramel. No, not the local ice cream shop menu, these are the five sweet sensations my four year old uses to describe her family's skin tones. It's cute because she's very matter of fact about it. Just as ice cream comes in different flavours, so do we come in shades of brown.
11/01/2016 10:47 GMT