Farida Ahmed

Private Tutor at 'The Tuition Network' http://thetuitionnetwork.com

Born into an ethnic minority, I quickly grasped the degree of misrepresentation of such groups in society; the blame lying partially in failed integration and participation, as well as lack of representation at the political level. Being the eldest of two generations, I aimed to set the benchmark from a very young age; by pushing boundaries, so that the rest of my family could make the sky their limit when pursuing future aspirations. I believe the answer to most global problems lies in education, through educating people we can produce great thinkers, who in turn can collectively compose effective solutions.

Similarly, the root causation of misconceptions overwhelmingly points to the lack of awareness or specialised information of the matter. "No one who keeps his mind focussed entirely upon himself, can grow large, strong and beautiful in character" - Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

I hope to overcome some of these common misconceptions through my blogs by debating the nature of controversial current affairs. The opinions in my blogs are all my own, and I would appreciate any constructive commentary (given sufficient grounding). "To do better is better than to be perfect" - Toba Beta

I aim to make the most of my academia, and grab the opportunities I am fortunate enough to be granted with both hands; in the hope of, one day making a change, big or small, in the world. Any progress, regardless of quantitave value is progress nevertheless and I believe it all starts from within. Limitations of influence only becomes a reality if you let it, your gender, ethnicity, religion, financial status is only an obstacle if you give it that status. "Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

After graduating with a 2:1 from King's College London, I received a scholarship to continue as a Postgraduate in Conflict Resolution. I now work for an organisation called 'The Tuition Network' http://thetuitionnetwork.com in order to help students reach their full potential. This allows me to remain in touch with issues affecting young people and students.

"If you dont stand up for something, you'll fall for anything" - Malcom X
Get Smart At Getting

Get Smart At Getting Smart

The exam season is upon us! I remember how tough this period was as a student, and now teaching lots of my 'younger selves' has made me feel nostalgic. Below I've listed my <strong>top seven tips</strong> on how to be smart with revision.
28/04/2017 16:00 BST
The Hidden Parental

The Hidden Parental Stress

Every parent is a <strong>great parent. </strong>It isn't fair that education can make parents feel insecure. We need to ensure that we are bridging this gap and looking at viable opportunities that parents can take advantage of.
27/03/2017 15:53 BST
I'm Just Like

I'm Just Like You

As a British Muslim woman I often fear that the backlash of such terrorist incidents will put me in a hugely vulnerable position, as a target for Islamophobic and racist attacks. I have been subject to many in the past, and it makes me feel very uncomfortable knowing that my choice of wearing the hijab makes me a very visible and obvious target.
24/03/2017 10:23 GMT
Why I Have No

Why I Have No Life

This is the story behind the teller. I work 7 days a week. I have four (and a half) jobs. I am an academic mentor at a Sixth Form College, a Private Tutor, a Nanny, a Blogger and a Postgrad Student all in one. Honestly, sometimes it feels like I literally have no life.
09/03/2017 16:37 GMT
The Myths Of

The Myths Of Tuition

It is totally true that "it was different when we were at school". Especially when you consider the new GCSE structure due to start this summer. Following on from the positive response of the interview styled blog, I've switched the power into the hands of parents to dispel some of the most common myths about 1:1 support.
27/01/2017 14:57 GMT
A Day In The Life Of A School

A Day In The Life Of A School Kid

For purposes of anonymity I will give the students a code name, our private school attendee will be called 'Tom' and our state school attendee 'Jerry'. They are both 12 and a half years old, and I asked them both the same questions in a relaxed comfortable environment. Neither of them had access to the other's answers.
11/01/2017 14:28 GMT
The Importance Of 1:1

The Importance Of 1:1 Support

I've been through the standardised education system in the United Kingdom and I have to say, <em>I was not and still am not</em>, impressed.
06/12/2016 11:03 GMT
Islamophobia Is

Islamophobia Is Real

<strong>What is Islamophobia</strong>? It is an irrational fear and hatred of Muslims categorized as an identifiable group. Islamophobia is becoming an 'elephant in the room' - it is an actual phenomenon that has gained significant momentum in Europe over the last decade.
25/02/2014 13:10 GMT
Suppression in the Name of Alleviating

Suppression in the Name of Alleviating 'Oppression'

The right to autonomy, self-determination, freedom, liberty, call it what one may, is a core component of a democracy - democracy resembling a house of cards; take a fundamental piece out and the whole structure will eventually collapse in on itself...
08/10/2013 12:45 BST