Felicity Ward

Australian comedian and actress who has toured from London to LA to Hong Kong to Singapore

At the 2012 Fringe, Felicity Ward stole the hearts and the stars of the critics with her deeply personal but hilarious show The Hedgehog Dilemma

Full bio: First seen on the Australian comedy scene in 2005 in Ten Network’s popular sketch show The Ronnie Johns Half Hour, Felicity has since gone on to become one of Down-Under’s favourite funny people, appearing in ABC’s prominent music comedy quiz show Spicks and Specks, Thank God You’re Here (Channel 7), Good News Week (Channel Ten) and has her own stand-up comedy special as part of ABC2’s Warehouse Comedy. In 2008, she won Best Newcomer for the Melbourne Airport Award and has since been reeling in awards and nominations. 2012 was her year, with The Hedgehog Dilemma receiving a nomination, if not the award, at every major Australian festival.

She has toured internationally from London to LA to Hong Kong to Singapore, and last year co-starred in Working Dog Productions’ (the makers of The Castle and The Dish) Australian comedy feature film Any Questions For Ben? In her brief time in the UK last year she appeared on Russell Howard's Good News (BBC) and from the Edinburgh Fringe was invited to perform The Hedgehog Dilemma in LA at the Hollywood Improv. Since then, she’s appeared at many of her prestigious family barbeques.
The UpShot of Being an Ugly

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I was not a 'natural beauty' per se. Ahem. I was... gawky. I had pointy teeth at the front. I was whooping cough skinny. I had a big nose for my age. It's a shame it doesn't work for noses the same way it works for IQs. "My daughter has such a big IQ for her age." "Well my daughter has an enormous nose!" *awkward slow nodding.*
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